Triple the Giggles!

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So, this week saw the latest birthday visit to the studio of these gorgeous triplets. One I always look forward to!

And this time, celebrating their FOURTH birthday!

They’ve been in each year on their actual birthday, and before that at 8 months old. It’s lovely seeing how much they’ve changed each time they come in. Growing up fast!

Here’s the post I blogged after their First Birthday Photoshoot back in 2014:

They usually bring in a favourite present or two that they’ve been given for their birthday – and this time was no exception. They were very excited to show me their new toys when they arrived. And these of course featured in one or two of the shots!



There was lots of running around and squeals of laughter, along with some great cuddles for their mum!

And they really got into the swing of dressing up and having a little song and dance at the end of the session.

So funny 🙂



And a few highlights from across the years…



You see why this “job” is so rewarding 🙂

A sneaky peak behind the scenes ……of the adorable triplet’s First Birthday shoot!

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ImageOK, I must admit to being a little apprehensive before the session, as one year olds do like to move around a lot and don’t usually like staying in one place 😉 So to get good shots of the three altogether, could have proved a little tricky – I had a few little tricks up my sleeve,  just in case they were needed!

As it happened, I needn’t have worried; the triplets were absolutely good as gold; of course they naturally wanted to explore a little and have a crawl around, but they were also happy to play in one spot and seemed so contented.

The last time they came in was a few months ago and this was one of my favourite shots from that session:

ImageIt was brilliant to see them again on their first birthday! They really enjoyed watching the bubbles and balloons and had lots of toys to keep them busy:



A big thank you to their mummy and nanny for bringing them in, and for giving permission to use the pictures here.

Here’s a small selection of pic from their portfolio, so you can see the end result!