‘Tis The Season to be Jolly

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Yes, ‘Tis the season to be jolly once again! (Maybe that should be the mantra for all year round really).

It’s not always easy to be “jolly” this time of year is it, with so much extra stuff to be done, but we usually get there in the end!

So, once there’s time to breathe …. chill … and start winding down a bit, you might begin to feel a little nostalgic about Christmases past, as I always do this time of year. Aha, cue for last year’s blog post https://romseyfotografix.wordpress.com/2015/12/ Must be that old cine clip that does it 😉

Also, maybe a time to reflect a little on the year gone by. I hope it’s been a good one for you.

It seems like only 5 minutes ago that we were just coming into 2016 and the approaching ten year anniversary of Romsey Fotografix, back in January. I really enjoyed putting together the Then and Now montages from some of your shoots, delving into the archives and looking back at all your photo sessions over the years.

Speaking of which, here’s a young lady who’s been in every year on her actual birthday in December since she was 2 years old (bar one year when lots of snow stopped play!). Lovely to see her again, looking all grown up, for her 11th birthday shoot last weekend, this time along with some friends – and her gorgeous dog Alfie!


Giggles galore!!!

For us, both socially and workwise, there’s been lots going on, which I guess has made it feel like the year’s gone by even quicker. Particular highlights of course, my weekend of surprises https://romseyfotografix.wordpress.com/2016/04/26/surprise-after-surprise-after-surprise/ and the beautiful day we renewed our wedding vows https://romseyfotografix.wordpress.com/2016/08/18/renewing-our-wedding-vows-30-years-on/

If any of you have kept up or started a 365 day photo project, it’d be great to hear how it’s going. I’m still doing mine, and am glad as it’s pretty cool having a daily picture diary to look back on, although it’s time consuming and ‘twould be fair to say I’m not quite so enthusiastic about it as I was when I first started!! More about this year’s in another post, here’s last year’s https://romseyfotografix.wordpress.com/2016/01/06/on-the-blog-today-update-on-my-365-photo-project-for-2015-365photo-365project/

I would love to take this opportunity to say a massive THANK YOU to each and everyone of you who’ve entrusted me with taking your photos, whether in the studio or for your “big days” – and in some cases both! It’s always such a privilege to share and photograph the special times in your lives; it really means such a lot to me to be asked. And it’s been brilliant to see so many familiar faces again this year, as well as lots of new ones too!

So many amazing, memorable moments 🙂  As I’ve said many a time, you make this job of mine so joyful, it just doesn’t feel like work!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And have yourselves a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy and peaceful New Year.

Pinterest anyone?

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Yes! Oh yes!  The more you go there, the more you can’t live without it!  Are you the same?  I think the word might be addicted (in my case anyway 😉 ).  Though I promise I do give priority to editing your images and processing your orders before getting engrossed in it!!  I tend to browse through whilst I’m waiting for folk to arrive for photo sessions, or at the end of the day on my Ipad, once I’ve switched off the computer.

With all this browsing, I’ve been inspired to create lots of new boards and I’m forever pinning stuff to them – here’s the link to my profile:

I’m also in the process of adding boards such as guides to what to wear for your shoot as well as boards for various photoshoot types etc.  Plans for lots of other new boards too! Still very much a work in progress at the moment, as it’s quite a time consuming task.  Very enjoyable though!  

I’ve just added a board re the different crop aspect ratios which hopefully will come in handy:

Also I’m planning to create “secret” boards to share with you at the time of booking, so if you see any images or poses you’d like me to recreate, you can pin the pictures to our shared secret board.  It’s a great way for me to see the type of thing you have in mind too!

Oh, and I think this has to be my most favourite of all my boards …

Wow! Some super talented photographers have taken these amazing shots!

Please feel free to check out my boards if you haven’t headed over to my profile lately (and follow me if you so wish 🙂 )

Thank you – and don’t get too addicted – or is it too late to tell you that!!

Another little trip down memory lane …

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Yes, I’ve been delving into those archives of mine again! 

These gorgeous sisters have been in for regular photo sessions since they were babies – in fact, six photoshoots in four years! Now that’s amazing! A big thank you to their lovely family for that 🙂

We first met at the beginning of 2010, when I took the baby shots of the first-born:


She’d grown a bit the next time she came along, in April 2011, with her little baby baby sister in tow:


Awww, cute eh! The next visit was later that year …


Even a few months make a difference.

Oh, but at their next photoshoot, a year later, they were no longer babies …. two charming little girls turned up, looking brilliant in yellow, with matching sunny smiles 🙂



Little Stars back again a few months later …


And at their latest shoot, just a month or so ago.

Yay! Old hands at this posing business now!


They are brilliant girls, lots of fun and giggles – and don’t they always look so immaculate! 

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little visit down memory lane.

More family memories coming soon 🙂


News in a Nutshell …. and a very Happy New Year!

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So here we are. 2013 is virtually at an end (where did that disappear to?) and the anticipation/excitement/expectation/hope of another New Year is on the horizon.

As usual, the last few months of the year have passed by in a whirl: shoots, editing, ordering, not to mention personal stuff like making the home look wonderfully festive and contemplating what on earth to get by way of amazing presents for friends and family.  Especially our grown up sons. If you have grown up sons, you will probably know exactly what I mean. Very tricky to buy for.

Suffice to say it all came right by the “big day” as it usually does, and we had a wonderful time with the family at my sister and brother-in-law’s place.  Hope yours was great too.


My sister’s wonderful Christmas table

Mind you, the chaotic run up to December 25th meant precious little time for writing blog posts and the like, even though there was more to say than usual, just no time to say it!  Hence the nutshell bit …

As well as loads of extra studio shoots (I squeezed in as many as physically possible bearing in mind the time needed to allow to get everything edited, ordered and back in time), Lee and I also had the joy of photographing two beautiful weddings in November.  Unique in their own ways. Winter weddings are lovely to do; OK, the weather can be a bit dodgy (but it can be in the summer too), but there’s a lot to be said for romantic log fires and colourful Christmas trees and decorations.  Quite magical.

ImageImageOn the day after Boxing Day, during our Christmas break, we had the amazing opportunity to take the wedding pictures for another lovely couple. Despite the heavy wind and rain before and after, the day itself was quite glorious! Blue skies and sun shining. So we were able to get fabulous pictures both outside and in. Incredible luck!

ImageImageThe end of November was my annual “weekend away with the girls”.  This year we headed off to Norwich, never been there before – what a wonderful city!  We crammed in loads – the stunning castle and beautiful cathedral; fascinating museums; more shops than you could ever wish for (even for me), and such a tempting array of places to eat.  Needless to say we had a brilliant time!  If you’ve not been to Norwich – I highly recommend a visit!


The beauty of Norwich Cathedral

Well, Lee and I are now enjoying a lovely, relaxing Christmas holiday, although I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things on Thursday. This afternoon we’re heading off to see Robinson Crusoe at the Mayflower Theatre so we’re ready to do our audience participation bit of booing and hissing, oh yes we are (sorry, couldn’t resist that ….)

Just remains for me to wish you all a fabulous, happy, healthy and peaceful New Year!