Triple the Giggles!

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So, this week saw the latest birthday visit to the studio of these gorgeous triplets. One I always look forward to!

And this time, celebrating their FOURTH birthday!

They’ve been in each year on their actual birthday, and before that at 8 months old. It’s lovely seeing how much they’ve changed each time they come in. Growing up fast!

Here’s the post I blogged after their First Birthday Photoshoot back in 2014:

They usually bring in a favourite present or two that they’ve been given for their birthday – and this time was no exception. They were very excited to show me their new toys when they arrived. And these of course featured in one or two of the shots!



There was lots of running around and squeals of laughter, along with some great cuddles for their mum!

And they really got into the swing of dressing up and having a little song and dance at the end of the session.

So funny 🙂



And a few highlights from across the years…



You see why this “job” is so rewarding 🙂

Petals, Ants and Dragonflies! Errr, what?

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Every now and then it makes a refreshing change to break from the normal routine and do something a little different, and it was amazing yesterday to do just that.

Training is not something we do as a rule, but sharing our knowledge is never a problem and, may I say, we had a very enjoyable time in so doing.

Katie arrived at the studio bright and early, camera in hand, and along with her boyfriend, Sam, who had kindly volunteered to be her model for the day. After an initial chat over tea and coffee, we gleaned what photographic experience Katie had already, and what she was keen to learn more about.

We knew in advance that Katie was especially interested in Macro photography, and from what she told us, had taken some impressive closeup images of bugs and things already. Our own expertise in Macro photography is not vast (it is a very different genre to taking people pics!) but we were happy to share what we do know about it. Lee had set up a camera with a Macro lens on a tripod in the studio, using a small toy caterpillar as a very willing (and remarkably still!) model 😉 . Katie was able to practice some shots with that, and then try the same with her own camera so she could compare the results.

Luckily the earlier rain had cleared up, and the sun made a welcome appearance, meaning we were then able to get outside for Katie to take some close-up shots of some of the flowers. With impeccable timing, an ant decided to trot across the petals she was taking, followed soon after by a couple of dragon flies. The shots Katie took looked great on the back of her camera, particularly the detail of the ant, cool.


Lee advising on the best camera settings



Lunchtime already; time sure flies when you’re having fun … so a nice relaxing nosh for the four of us at the Luzborough, then back to the studio for some shots of Sam.

This proved to be hilarious, and there were plenty of giggles and laughter; a super relaxed atmosphere, always a plus when taking people shots! We had various setups so we could show Katie the difference between taking high key shots, and then how to achieve the more moody, low key images on the darker backgrounds. Her resulting pictures were excellent, and Sam did a great job as a model! I took a few shots myself as we went along, so I could demonstrate how different poses work, and also to show how different crops and edits can really transform an image.



We headed outside again, as there are some great little areas in the Basepoint car Park for model shots, so she was able to try out and see the difference between using a speedlight, and just using the natural light available (infinitely better as is often the case), and making use of the various settings such as the steps and brick walls. Both seemed to be in their element, and I, of course, recorded it all on my trusty Iphone!






And was able to concoct this unusual collage for my day’s pic for my 365Photo Project!


A big thank you to Katie and Sam for making the trip down and for such a brilliant day. 🙂