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Just to keep you posted on what’s been going on at Romsey Fotografix (and beyond) lately – and notice of our upcoming holidays!!

Hope you’re enjoying the summer and heatwave!  We’ve been making the most of it with lots of shoots outside, which, as I’m sure I’ve probably mentioned before, are great fun for all concerned!  There’s something very calming about being in the great outdoors surrounded by nature in its glory, basking in the shade of woodland trees on a glorious sunny day, with dapples of sunlight seeping through the leaves. Makes for some great natural and carefree shots!

blog montage

It’s been several months since I left my old studio, and happy to report that working out of Hive Studios is going very well indeed, and very pleased to have made the jump 😊 It’s been lovely to have welcomed lots of you there already and I’m already starting to book up my Sunday slots there in the lead up to Christmas, so please let me know if you’d like to reserve a slot before they all go!

Things have been very busy of late, not only with the studio and outdoor shoots, but we’ve also been out and about photographing local goings on, for ourselves and some for stock images.

We had an incredible evening back in June in The Terrace Pavilion in The Houses of Parliament, no less, taking photos for my friend, Lynn, at an evening event there for her wonderful charity Their Future Today It was a bit surreal being there to be honest, had to keep pinching ourselves and remind ourselves where we were!

We were up bright and early (4.45am!) a few weekends ago to get ourselves down to Hurst Castle in time to photograph the yachts in the round island boat race. It was a beautiful morning, albeit a bit of a trek with all the equipment along the pebbles, but worth it to sit on the shore and watch the boats go by in the lovely morning sun, with a little picnic to keep us going! We did cheat though and take the ferry back, which was very pleasant in itself! It wasn’t just the race we photographed as you can see!

Then of course our annual trek to the Winchester Hat Fair which is always a great day out with photo opportunities right, left and centre. A very enjoyable and colorful day for sure. I added a few to my stock photos on Shutterstock  (which is still a work in progress by the way, I’m adding new images as time permits!)

We’ve managed a couple of trips to Marwell as we love taking pictures there and making the most of our membership.

As well as the photography,  I have three online art and digital art courses on the go and am learning lots.  I’ve been working on some Fairytale characters, this one is Snow White and the Wicked Queen, a lesson I did from the fabulous Ever After Course by the very talented Tamara Laporte at Willowing Arts  I’m a little behind with all my coursework, as of course my photography takes priority, and these paintings take quite a while to do, but hope to catch up on some more of the lessons during my holiday. I will have my Ipad and IPencil to hand for sure 🙂


And great excitement!!!!!! I’ve recently opened a Zazzle Store where I can sell my art and designs on a myriad of items! I’m adding new goodies to it almost daily, as time allows! Best. Fun. Ever!!

Amongst other things, I’ve been preparing a BACK TO SCHOOL range of lunchboxes etc  (good timing eh 😉 ) as well as a new Collection of items for LITTLE MISSES and LITTLE MISTERS including clothing and party invites etc. They’re not showing up in my marketplace yet as it takes several days for them to appear, but hopefully will be there soon.  And according to Zazzle, it’s time to start uploading  products for Christmas – a little task for after our holiday I think!

Of course it’s still a work in progress as I’m only a month or so in, I have nearly 600 products in my store so far and some of them take a little while to show up in the store front. I’ve also taken a training course to learn all being part of the Zazzle Marketplace, which is slightly more complex than I expected.  It’s not just a question of uploading a design onto one of their T shirts or mugs or any of the other thousands of items they sell (take a look it’s amazing!), and hoping for the best – there’s a lot more to it! The great thing is everything can be personalised, which is brilliant if you’re looking for a special gift or maybe some personalised items for a sports club you may belong to (badges anyone?) or whatever! Lots of choice across the whole of the Zazzle site with some amazing designs and art from thousands of artists from all over the world.  Haha, shameless plug there!!

And now – it’s time for a holiday! We have a couple of separate holidays coming up … we close from Thursday 9th August until the 20th  and then again between 14 and 23rd September.  Looking forward to a bit of a breather!

Happy holidays to you all as well!


Back from hols and raring to go (I think!)

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What a brilliant week’s holiday we’ve had!

Admittedly, we haven’t ventured far from home, but know what? We haven’t needed to! We are so lucky to live within a stone’s throw of some extremely picturesque and fascinating places, and since the main aim of our break this time was to chill out and recharge the batteries (ours not the cameras!), driving for hundreds of miles just wasn’t an option.

So, we’ve been to some great, mainly local sites, and had some brilliant days out with family and friends. Naturally, as always, I was on the lookout for inspiring subjects for my 365Photo Project 🙂  And boy, have I been spoilt for choice!!

Getting the week off to a flying start last Saturday was a visit to Eastleigh Unwrapped – I’m guessing some of you may have gone along too? In fact, we happened upon this amazing festival by accident.  We’d been invited along to The Summer Open Studios at The Sorting Office by the very talented Anita ( where her fantastic work and that of her wonderfully creative colleagues was on display, and then found we had the added bonus of being treated to amazing performances of acrobats, musicians and a myriad of other wacky and wonderful things outside in the street! Great stuff.

Our other trips included a wonderfully colourful visit to Hove (just LOVE its vibrant beach huts and canoes!!); and a trip back in time to the vintage car museum and historic house at Beaulieu .  The World of Top Gear Exhibition has been added since our last visit – that’s fun to see! We also spent a lovely sunny day ambling round Burley and the New Forest ; and saw the gorgeous roses in full bloom at Mottisfont

On Thursday we took a trek up the slopes of Corfe Castle, soaking up the fascinating history, not to mention the absolutely  stunning views from the top. That followed by a visit to what is, by all accounts, one of the most haunted houses in England – yikes- Athelhampton. We didn’t encounter any apparitions (phew!) but we did discover some of the most beautifully-kept gardens we’ve ever seen, not to mention a delicious afternoon tea in the lovely restaurant there!

All in all, our week off gave us exactly what it said on the tin: rest, relaxation, beautiful places, fabulous company and even the sun kept his hat on for the most part 😉

Now, all set to get back to work – yay, raring to go!!!

Thanks to everyone who got in touch whilst we’ve been closed and for your patience. I’ll be replying very soon.


Clockwise from top left:

Beaulieu Motor Museum; Anita van den Broek, Open Studios, The Sorting Office; Burley; Hove; New Forest; Corfe Castle; Hove, Beaulieu Motor Museum; Beaulieu Motor Museum; Mottisfont Walled Garden; Corfe Castle; Hove; Burley; Athelhampton House & Gardens; Lee and I drive in our automobile ;), Beaulieu Motor Museum; Open Studios, The Sorting Office


Athelhampton House & Gardens