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So here we are then, 2017 is underway!

I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas. As usual it has flown by  – no sooner have the tree and decorations gone up, it’s time to take them down again!


Decs Away!!!

It’s good though to get back to “normality”. I never did much like the few days between Christmas and New Year (and I don’t think I’m alone in this). After the franticness of December, the excitement and build up to the big day, the magic of Christmas Eve (always been my favourite day of the year and also happens to be our eldest son’s birthday) and of course Christmas Day itself, afterwards things seem a bit, er, flat.

Although I find the break a great opportunity to come up with new ideas for the year ahead and start putting the wheels in motion for them. This cheers me up no end; I really love this kind of research, especially when I discover stuff that is going to prove very handy. As indeed I have. I also have fun finding and trying out new apps and experimenting with creative effects to my heart’s content – a perfect chance to do just that – and of course I’ve fallen head over heels with a couple of new (to me) Apps which I’ll tell you about soon!

As well as the brainstorming, we had a fleeting visit to Marwell Zoo, to start making use of the annual membership I bought Lee for Christmas (and treated myself too!). We’ll really make the most of it I’m sure – so many amazing photo opportunities! It was a very cold and misty day, and lots of the animals not surprisingly were hiding away. So we only wandered round for an hour or two this time but it was great to blow away some cobwebs and have a nice brisk walk and there was still lots to admire and photograph. Wildlife is so fascinating isn’t it! Being so close to Marwell, it’s great that we can nip over there with our cameras whenever we have a spare hour or two. Here’s a few I took on Friday, I expect you’ll see one or two more in the next few months!


This little bute very obligingly strolled slowly passed me several times so I could get a few good close-ups! Or maybe he was just thinking I’d make a good dinner … yikes!!!


We also had our annual panto trip to the Mayflower on New Years Eve – oh yes we did!! (Sorry couldn’t resist that …) With it being a special night, we always treat ourselves to dinner in the theatre’s Ovation restaurant pre-show, which never disappoints. Did any of you see this year’s panto, Robin Hood, there? We had a good old giggle and joined in the banter, the effects were very clever too. Lee and I first met when we were in the back row of a panto chorus together, an amateur production in Sunbury-on-Thames, many moons ago. We did our fair share of pantos back in the day, so have some great memories – the shows were usually late January so the rehearsals and set building etc was a brilliant way to overcome any January blues!! So we still love to get our panto fix once a year – but from the audience rather than on stage these days!

I’ve had some great feedback already re the joy the pictures you bought as gifts have given when opened by your surprised loved ones on Christmas Day. That’s so nice to know 🙂 Thank you.

It’s really lovely to have lots of photoshoots and weddings in the diary already – so looking forward to seeing you all!

Wishing you a very Happy New Year, may it bring you everything you wish for!

Ringing out the old … and wishing you a wonderful year to come!

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new year 2015 So …. how was yours?

Christmas is always more magical when you have little ones to share it with, as loads of you do, so hoping it was extra special!

Although, the “big day” sure has a lot to live up to, doesn’t it? Was it all it was cracked up to be, or were you left feeling a little downhearted after the usual big build up and all the hype?

There were a lot of bugs flying round, hope you managed to escape them…Lee and I both picked up colds, which decided to turn up just in time for the Christmas festivities and are still making themselves at home, and (very kindly) invited along their friends “The Coughs” to join them 😉  We must have unwittingly made them feel quite at home, as they seem very loathe to leave!!  We are well and truly ready for them to go on their merry way now!! Still they have given us the excuse to have a good rest over the holiday, apart from when we’ve been busy entertaining and visiting, we’ve also had a few days of chilling out and watching our fair share of slushy Xmas movies on Christmas24 (strangely addictive, is it a bit sad to admit that? Probably….)

There’s still a few days left of our holiday, so I’ve a chance to plan and work on lots of new ideas to come in 2015 for Romsey Fotografix. And, of course, time to get rid of the remnants of the festive food from the fridge, take down the decorations and clean up the house. 

Basically, onwards and upwards!

This poor old blog gets a bit neglected in the pre-Christmas rush, but I have lots of posts coming up for you soon … including my latest 365 Day Photo news (how did you get on with yours during 2014, would love to know?); weddings and wedding venues we’ve had the joy of photographing (maybe will give you some venue ideas if you have a big day to plan!); news on some great apps out there for your photo editing; family photoshoots “over-the-years” features; more about Fotoshows and new Apps I’ve started to bring in during 2014 which have proved very popular, hopefully making life easier for you … and lots more besides!

I really love to hear your news too, so please keep in touch whenever you can!

And so … as another New Year hovers on the horizon, may it bring you everything you wish for and lots of happiness.

Wishing you all a very Healthy, Happy and Peaceful 2015.