Beautiful Couple + Breathtaking Views = Amazing Wedding!

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The historic Town Walls have taken pride of place in Southampton for hundreds of years. So, with the venue being so near, to make use of them for pictures at the beautiful wedding of Jen and Lee on 1st April, was a no-brainer!

The wedding took place at the Southampton Holiday Inn. It’s in a prime location: with the old walls to one side, and the stunning water front views of the Mayflower Park, to the other.

Some awesome photo opportunities then!

JL (476)

Quick mention for the fantastic staff at The Holiday Inn, who were exemplary in their desire to make sure everything ran smoothly – as indeed it did!

The beautiful bride, in her stunning gown, walked into the ceremony to the music of the famous Elvis Presley song “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You” played by Alison, a very talented violinist.

JL (287) 2
JL (278)

At our pre-wedding get together with the lovely couple, we had ambled across to the old walls, which we all agreed would make the perfect setting for some of their pictures. 

On the day itself, we had everything crossed for good weather. As indeed we do for every wedding we photograph of course, but especially so this time! The plan was for the majority of the wedding party to make their way from the hotel to the walls, via a very busy main road (thank goodness for the pedestrian lights!). Torrential rain would have made things very tricky!

Luckily, the sun shone and it all worked even better than anticipated, despite the somewhat gusty wind.  To experience the fascinating Old Town Walk with the bride and groom and their family and friends, was brilliant. The group shots turned into a bit of an adventure!

We took the “all guests” photo at the hotel first – there’s a perfect spot to the side of the hotel with lots of steps, so I could get to a good high vantage point. Everyone in view!

At the walls we could concentrate on the rest of the family and friends’ shots. We stopped at different locations along the walk, to make the most of the variety of fabulous scenic views.

The guests made their way back to the hotel as and when their photographs were done. When everyone had eventually filtered away, it was only the lovely couple with the children, their pageboys and flower girl, remaining. We took a couple of fun shots of them all by the arches, otherwise known as The Arcades.

The walk is also home to the 15th Century Tudor House, one of Southampton’s most haunted buildings, apparently! The outside of the building is perfect for romantic couple shots – no paranormal beings spotted!

PhotoBooks & Collages 1 copy

Once everyone else had gone back to the hotel, dark clouds had started to appear.  The impending rain meant a quick change of plan and the proposed evening shots in the Mayflower Park with the newlyweds were brought forward.

It turned out to be the most amazing time of the day to take the shots. The sun was low creating some beautiful light and rays. The water absolutely sparkled! A perfect atmosphere for some very romantic pictures.

PhotoBooks & Collages 21 copy

As the happy couple strolled hand in hand back across the park, the hotel could be seen in the distance. Perfect to feature in the pictures to add to the story and set the scene.

PhotoBooks & Collages 31 copy

Everything fell into place so very well. We were back at the Holiday Inn in good time for the wedding breakfast!

JL (599) copy

Loved the bride’s gorgeous red shoes!!

Sticking with the historic theme … check out this swash-buckler of a sword for cutting the cake!!

JL (780) copy
Once the evening guests arrived, the cake was cut by the happy couple wielding the said sword!
JL (782)

Awesome cake eh! Made by the clever folk at  – and chosen by the groom himself!

The happy newlyweds then took to the floor for their first dance.

JL (833)

A truely special and wonderful day!

Made all the more special by the amazing talents of :

Violinist, Alison Rowley

Flowers by Sarah Grist at Penny Lane Flowers

Dress by Ann, Sue and Dee of Mayflower Bridal

Cake by Speciality Cakes

Congrats to the new Mr and Mrs!!

Takin’ Five … and a great wedding!

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Phew!  I am now officially on holiday.  This is great and can’t wait for a two week chill out, but making sure that everything that needed doing has been done has been no mean feat, spent the week racing against the clock, and I’m still racking my brains making sure I haven’t forgotten anything.  Yep, the lead-up to taking a vacation can be so stressful you REALLY need a holiday by the time it comes around! And when you get back, you spend the first few days playing catch up, eh? But I guess it’s worth it.

Will take a few pictures (of course!) as we head out and about – our cameras are always at the ready, and hopefully find time to post a blog or two.

In all the rush, I haven’t had time to blog any pics from this amazing wedding we photographed in Winslow almost two weeks ago. We travelled up on the Friday so we could go to the rehearsal and meet the vicar etc, so we know where we are allowed to stand and take the photos – which in this instance turned out to be in the vestry! As it happens, I had a reasonable view from there (once we had sorted out the issue of the flowers, which had been placed plonk donk between the bride and groom and my lens!) But all the more reason to attend the rehearsal, so any such problems can be resolved before the actual day itself.  As you can see from the pic – not much of a view of the bride and groom!

ImageWe stayed the night at the glorious Horwood House Hotel, where the bridal party were also staying, so we could be on hand first thing Saturday morning to take lots of shots of Kirsty and her family and bridesmaids getting ready. The views of the garden from the window of her suite were fantastic and needless to say featured in one or two of the pictures!

ImageImageWhen we got to the church to take the groom shots, the aforementioned flowers had been moved back again, so first job was to lift them back out of the way, and try not to knock them flying in the process (fortunately managed not to!)

So a much better view!ImageThe new Mr and Mrs!

ImageFabulous reception with some very unusual guests …. (but real cute!)


A wish come true for the lovely bride – with horse, Teddy (ahem, don’t be fooled by the calmness feel of this picture!)


And some idyllic spots to take romantic shots of the newlyweds.


A fun wedding day for sure – congratulations to the happy couple!

Mottisfont – wow – stunning!

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What a fantastic opportunity to do a post-wedding shoot on Tuesday at Mottisfont.  It holds a very special place in the hearts of the lovely bride and groom (whose wedding we photographed at Silks in Romsey last weekend).  They met there, and they both work there too, so what better place to take them to be photographed.  Of course, their knowledge about the history of Mottisfont is extensive.  So, as well as a beautiful place to take pictures – oh, we were so spoilt for choice – we were also treated to lots of fascinating facts about who has lived there and what they got up to as we meandered around the grounds and house.

Have to say, as photoshoots go, this one has to be up there as one of my favourites!  Even though we live relatively near, shame on us, we’ve only ever visited once before, years and years ago, so it was a real treat and somewhere we shall definitely we visiting again soon.

My favourite room had to be the Whistler room, with it’s incredible trompe l’oeil walls – and a fascinating story behind them!

Definitely worth a visit !






Sunshine and Pink Wellies!

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Had a brilliant pre-wedding get-together today in Winslow, wandering round the venues in the glorious sunshine with the bride and groom-to-be.   Of course we had the cameras to hand!

The reception is taking place at a family farm and to say we were overwhelmed by it would be an understatement – a photographer’s dream!  The views are quite frankly breathtaking, and we were also introduced to the horses, sheep, dogs, some adorable 9 week old pups (awwww) and the fascinating Alpaca (who are prone to spitting if you upset them apparently so we stood well back just in case!). They all posed beautifully for us! As did the cows in a neighbouring field, along with a rather large bull.

It was an absolute joy to photograph in such a scenic place – so looking forward to taking the wedding pics there later in the summer.  Hopefully, the bride won’t be needing her pink wellies on her big day (mmmmm, maybe for some quirky and fun shots as the day goes on…bet they’d go well with her dress!)Bride and Groom to be


Bride and Groom to be


CowsDogBullHorseBride and Groom

Perfect Wedding Day!

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Congratulations to Suzanne and Neil who tied the knot last Saturday – and what a great day it was!  We did their pre-wedding shoot a month or so ago at Chilworth Manor

Fortunately, after a somewhat dubious week weather-wise, on the day the sun shone and the sky was blue. And, since the previous shoot, the leaves had appeared on the trees, and the gardens were so much greener – beautiful !

A fabulous day, and what a stunning dress!!  Oh, an added bonus, I got to ride with the bride and groom and family in the stretch limo from church to reception taking lots of pictures on the way!

Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom Chilworth Manor

Bride and Groom Chilworth Manor

Bride and Groom Chilworth Manor

Bride and Groom Chilworth Manor

Bride and Groom Chilworth Manor

A Wedding Day through our eyes (and lens’s) …

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We had the pleasure of taking the photos at Lindsey and Matt’s wedding last weekend. The day started late morning when Lindsey arrived at the hotel with her entourage …Bride Marwell Hotel

The girls headed off to start their hair and makeup, whilst Lee and I did some test shots in the room where the ceremony was to be.Then it was back to the girls’ room to take some “getting ready shots” …

Bride Getting Ready

along with the dresses, flowers and all those little touches that make every wedding individual!

Bride DressesBride flowersBride Dress

Bride Getting Ready

We left the girls to it for a while and went off to get Matt’s shots – with his family, greeting guests, rings and with groom’s men enjoying themselves!

Groom and groomsmenGroom and groomsmen

Back to see how the girls are getting on. The ceremony is now looming near, and there is just about enough time to take shots of the girls in their dresses before it is time to go. This is the time when the butterflies are really taking hold …

Bride getting readyBride getting ready

The bride having a quiet moment en route to the ceremony …


The ceremony room at The Marwell Hotel is really light, with a balcony at one end – a perfect vantage point to get a birds eye view of the bride and groom during the ceremony. At the last possible minute I ran up the spiral staircase to take my place on the balcony, whilst Lee stood at the back of the room to capture a different view of the proceedings.


Bride guests CeremonyBride Groom Guests ceremonyBride Groom ceremonyBride groom ceremony

Ceremony and signings over, it was outside into the bright sunshine for the happy couple to greet their guests and enjoy a very welcome drink!

Bride guests

Time to get out our list so we can capture the special shots of the bride and groom with their friends and family.

Bride groom confettiBride guestsGroom guests

We wander off with the newlyweds for a short while to take some informal pictures of them enjoying their first chance be alone together since becoming “Mr and Mrs”.

Bride GroomBride

Bride groomBride

Bride groomBride GroomBride GroomBride Groom

Lindsey’s gonna need a new number plate now she’s no longer a “Miss”!

Bride Groom

4pm and time for the speeches, often done before the meal nowadays, and always bringing a mixture of emotions…

Bride Groom MarwellBride Groom Marwell

… followed by a delicious hog roast, which we’d been kindly invited to share.


Traditional cutting the cake and mingling with guests.

Bride Groom Marwell guestsBride Groom Marwell guests

As is usual for most weddings, the room is then vacated ready to set up for the evening party. We took this opportunity to take some informal shots, plus lots of photos outside with members of the family who had travelled a fair few miles to be there … from Australia!  By this time of the day any earlier nerves and tensions have ebbed away!

Bride Groom Marwell guests

Whilst everyone has been outside, the disco has been set up in readiness for the evening guests arrival and party, together with a photobooth which have become really popular at wedding parties and events nowadays and this one did not disappoint – hilarious!  The candy floss stand was a brilliant and unusual touch too.


Groom Marwell

Bride Marwellguests Marwellguests Marwell

The evening party got underway – time for the First Dance. It was great to be able to make use of the balcony again – every venue should have one!!

Bride Groom Marwell guestsImageBride Groom MarwellBride Groom Marwell

Congratulations, Lindsey and Matt!