Here comes Summer!

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Isn’t it great occasionally to do something a little different from the norm?

This bank holiday weekend I set up a stylized shoot in the new studio. My main reasons for this being, a) to take some photos for my digital art projects using techniques I’ve been learning on the fabulous Photoshop Artistry and Awake courses ; and b) to create some studio images for my Shutterstock photo gallery (It’s still very much a work in progress with a very limited number of images at the moment. I’m working on it, but it’s a more involved process than I imagined.)

Anyway … back to Sunday’s shoot. My lovely model for the morning brought along loads of her own shoes, hats and bags, not to mention a fantastic mask, which is quite unique as she had very cleverly glued the feathers on herself. Perfect! As soon as I saw it inspiration sprang to mind in leaps and bounds!

Photo becomes art

We also incorporated several of the props already in the studio, the bright orange deck chairs featured rather a lot – love, love, love ‘em!!! That bright orange really pops against the white backdrop!

Deck chairs

Summer and sunshine was of course the theme for the session what with the deckchairs, sun hats and shades! I was able to create a super variety of images.

I got Lee in on the act to pose for a couple of shots! And, dare I say it, even yours truly – even though I’m much more at home t’other side of camera!!! Suitably disguised of course – and yes, I really did wear these stilettos! Not to walk in mind, I know my limitations!! 😉

We joined in too

And sticking with the beach theme …

Seaside to studio

Shoes anyone?  (Still working on the edit on most of the shoe pics!!)

Stepping out

I’m really pleased there’s a guitar in amongst the studio props! I’m sure this will prove popular with any “budding musicians” you may have in the family when you come in. Instruments always lend themselves nicely to some arty shots.  I’ve given these ones an impressionist feel!


This session has really inspired me, as well as given me lots of images to play with. I am already planning the next creative shoots  based on other themes. The more you do, the more ideas seem to come flooding in!

Some you may think, “hey that’s pretty cool”, and others a resounding “blah!!”

Isn’t that just the thing with art and creativity: some things you put together work, and some things just don’t. In your own eyes at least. Whilst of course it’s an amazing feeling when the outcome of your creation makes you happy, it really doesn’t matter when it doesn’t. Experimenting and throwing caution to the wind is all part and parcel of the creative process. You don’t know until you try, and if it turns out to be a disaster chances are you will still have learned a lot, even if it’s what not to do next time. In your own opinion of course. You may find another person would absolutely love it!

That’s the funny thing about art.

I found one of the recent art projects for the Lifebook 2018 Art course I’m doing especially challenging and wasn’t at all happy with the end result. I uploaded to the private Facebook Group in any case as it’s always good to get constructive critique, but was astounded by the positive feedback – it gained more likes and loves and wows than any of the other artwork I had previously uploaded. Well I never – to think I nearly relegated it to the camera roll never to see the light of day!!

Just goes to show, eh? Which is why just doing your thing without worrying about what anyone will think is the way to go. Such freedom is quite exhilarating, and once that penny drops, and the pressure is off, ideas flow much better.

Here’s all the shots from Sunday’s photoshoot in a teeny collage! There are some duplications of course but still lots – you can see why they are taking me a while to edit!! You may need a magnifying glass to see them though!!

Montage 1

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” Maya Angelou

Oh so true!


I bet you know someone who’d love one of these!

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Do you know something I love so much about this ‘job’. The sheer variety of it all!

In the last week or two for instance I’ve photographed a wedding; a very large tractor (yes, really!); the meeting room, reception area and a couple of the units at Basepoint ; a gorgeous pooch or two; of course several siblings and families, beautiful newborns, and even my mum as a model in her home!

Oh and did I mention, a vast amount of … Lego Men!!

Ha, yes, you did read that right!

In fact, the Lego characters were the props used to demonstrate some fantastic 3D bases from Base Ace to show examples of how they can be used with mini figures and building bricks for imaginative play.

montage-1Look very impressive don’t they!

The bases are the brainchild of Brian from Talking Products

He arrived for the session along with a car load of boxes, which were promptly unloaded, and then he and his colleague started putting it all together! It was really fascinating seeing the various bases taking shape ready to be photographed. And then seeing them come to life even more as the figures were placed on them as examples of how they would look in play.


I think these bases are such a brilliant idea and I know my kids would have loved them when they were in their “Lego-building” hey day.

So maybe just the ticket for those fans of mini-figures in your life when building their little fantasy worlds.  Christmas pressie anyone? 🙂

Here’s where you can find them:

Thanks very much to Brian for asking me to photograph them.


Every Chair tells a Story

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So I’d earmarked the last couple of days in my diary to knuckle down and get my annual accounts done, dusted and ready for my accountant. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take a lot to sway me from this arduous task.  Accounts and me, we just don’t gel well at all …

So when those lovely folk at Design Cuts came up with this remarkable value bundle I simply couldn’t resist!

So many goodies at such a bargain price.  If you’re into design at all you could find this lot very handy indeed!!

As soon as I saw some of the chairs in the bundle, I could just visualise them working well with certain of my studio shots, as a series of portraits. So putting the accounts aside for an hour (or two!) I started creating.

Hence my “Chair Project” was born, the idea being that, by incorporating into the picture a chair or two and maybe another prop, might add a touch of storytelling to the scene.

Such as ….

Chair Project

OK, I know it doesn’t help get my accounts done, but projects like this and my 365 Photo-a-Day are vital to keep the old creative juices flowing, which in turn helps to keep my work fresh and the ideas coming when editing your portfolios too.

I’ll be adding these pics to my Instagram feed as and when, as well as any others I may add to the collection.  You can find me here and search for the hashtag #FotografixgalChairProject

Big thanks to Design Cuts for this incredible deal which I’m sure is going to inspire lots of other ideas too, and also to Studio Magic which helps make creating these types of combis easier than it might otherwise be!

Such choice – I feel other projects coming on soon!!

In the meantime  … errr …. best get back to those accounts ….

Behind the Scenes of the “Watch Your Back” Campaign Photoshoot with Charlie Dimmock

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Yep, I have to admit it was a little strange seeing another photographer at work in my studio, but fascinating all the same to see how he expertly approached the task in hand and to witness how this photoshoot unfolded.

And all for a very good cause.

It all came about a couple of weeks before Easter when I got a call from Michelle at Caffeine Communications She was looking for a studio space in the Romsey area to use for a photoshoot with Charlie Dimmock which was to take place on Easter Monday. As I was closed over the holiday weekend and the studio was going to be free, I was more than happy to offer my studio space.

Michelle explained that Charlie was fronting the new campaign of The Myfanwy Townsend Melanoma Research fund (MTMRF). The campaign is called Watch Your Back! and is aimed at men, in particular gardeners, to review their sun protection habits and get their backs checked often for any warning signs of melanoma. You can read more about the campaign here on their blog  You’ll also see in the post the beautiful picture of Charlie from the session they ultimately chose for the campaign – which you may well see in a garden centre near you after the end of April as the campaign gets underway.

On the morning of the shoot Lee and I arrived bright and early and soon Paolo, the photographer, and Shona , the hair/makeup artist arrived, having travelled from Bath, followed shortly afterwards by Michelle.

As things got underway, I took a few shots on my phone, as well as a couple of video snippets.

Shona making sure everything is to hand

Shona making sure everything is to hand

...whilst Paolo sets up his lights

…whilst Paolo sets up his lights

Paolo had brought along his own lights and equipment and I found it very interesting to see how he was setting everything up as he chatted through the brief with Michelle.

2016-03-28 09.40.39 copy

Interestingly, after trying out several different angles using Michelle as his test model, he decided he was going to use the studio the opposite way round to my normal set up for his first shots, incorporating the white table, which usually sits unobtrusively to the side of the room, to use as a prop in the pictures. The images automatically synced to Paolo’s laptop so he and Michelle could see them straightaway and decide if they were exactly what was needed.

Paolo decided against shooting the table scene this way round ...

Paolo decided against shooting the table scene this way round …

...when he reviewed the resulting images with Michelle

…when he reviewed the resulting images with Michelle

So the table was placed on the edge of the backdrop and Paolo set up his lighting so he could take pictures from the backdrop side of the table. Which was actually very effective.

Lee took Michelle to a local garden centre to buy a few props so it was down to me to stand in for a few more test shots.

Test shots of yours truely with the studio area behind, compared to the shot of Michelle taken with the white backdrop behind and the use of a coloured gel

Test shots of yours truely with the studio area behind, compared to the shot of Michelle taken with the white backdrop behind and the use of a coloured gel

In the meantime, Charlie Dimmock had arrived and Shona had made a start on her hair and makeup in the reception area.

It made a refreshing change to sit back and watch everyone doing their thing and seeing it all come fantastically together. No pressure, just had to keep the teas and coffees flowing!

Once Charlie was ready, the first shots were taken, with her sitting at the table, and various props such as lilies, plants, garden gloves,  were experimented with for some of the shots.

Session underway!

Session underway!

Once these shots were in the bag, there was a quick change of top for Charlie whilst Paolo changed the lighting setup to the other direction, now facing back towards the backdrop. He took some shots of Charlie to the front of the backdrop, then moved his lights to the back, and asked her to lean against the back wall, and he photographed her in this very relaxed pose. These shots were especially stunning and it was no surprise that it was one of these that was selected for the campaign.

Leaning against the backwall ...

Leaning against the backwall …

2016-03-28 12.20.54 copy

…and some of the resulting shots

We then headed into the Basepoint Centre car park, fortunately relatively empty due to the bank holiday, for some outdoor shots. We moved one of the wooden benches to the front of a leafy area to the far end of the car park, which looked rather effective and rural in the pictures, with a few plants and pots strategically placed on the bench where Charlie sat.

It was a pretty windy day, but fortunately blowing in the right direction so Charlie’s gorgeous long tresses blew gently backwards. A wind machine couldn’t have done the job better! The sun made an appearance too – and thankfully no rain!

Haha it may look like a glorious sunny day in the stills but this little snippet shows just how blustery it was!

As you can see, it was quite a team effort – and no mean feat to stop those reflectors tossing and turning in the wind!

2016-03-28 12.33.36 copy 2016-03-28 12.31.13 copy2016-03-28 12.29.05 copy

And time for a quick phone photo opportunity…

2016-03-28 12.26.07 copy

A couple of final shots final shots were taken of Charlie leaning against one of the trees and then it was a wrap!

Back in the studio Michelle took this pic of the “team”…

And it's a wrap!

And it’s a wrap!

1pm and time to say our goodbyes. It had been such an interesting morning; something a little different to the norm. Lee and I really enjoyed seeing how these very talented folk brought it all together, and seeing Paolo’s amazing pictures. Absolutely incredible.

Our thanks to all and wishing the campaign huge success in getting this important message across.

Spilling the Beans Part 2 – To Crop or Not to Crop …

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.. aha – that is the question! Cropping a photo can transform an image from average to “Wow”  But not always.

I think, if truth be told, most pictures can be improved a little by cropping, even if only a teeny amount is cropped away. Personally I tend not to zoom in too closely to the subject when I take a photograph, so I have plenty of leeway afterwards to allow for it to be cropped in most sizes.

When you crop a photo which you’re going to get printed, it’s important that the aspect ratio you crop it too is the same as the aspect ratio of the size it will be printed at. There’s a bit more about the various ratios and how they differ on my Pinterest board

Next thing, how much to crop away? This of course comes down a lot to personal taste and the type of final image you’re aiming for. No right or wrong answer.

I usually try a few variations of crops on an image in the initial edit: baby-1

Then it’s just a question of deciding which looks best – or in the case of when I edit your portfolio images – which I think you might like best. If it’s tricky to decide, I may well use one of the other crops on a similar image so as to include as much variety as possible.

Cropping away part of a subject’s face can have great impact, which loads of you love. However, I know from comments I’ve heard over the years, for some, cropping off the top of a head, seems a really strange thing to do, even in the name of art. Again, I try and include a good mix in your portfolios so hopefully catering for most tastes.

I used to think that cropping tightly into the subject was generally the way to go when there was a busy background to the scene. However my experience of photographing weddings over many years has changed my views on this and, where appropriate, I keep most or part of the background in where it sets the scene or conveys more of the sense of the story that the picture is telling. Some shots are equally good cropped both ways.

For instance with the following wedding edits:


Wedding venues are generally pretty awesome, so of course have to be shown off as much as possible in the photos. I included as many backgrounds as possible in the pictures at the Clovelly wedding (above) which we photographed last year so as not to hide those picturesque views! But I also cropped some of them in closer to the bride and groom and included both versions in some cases.


Another stunning venue! I didn’t do too much of a crop on this one (above); the guests in the background add to the storytelling and the blue sky shows what a beautiful sunny day it was!


With the above image, I could have cropped in closer to the bride as per the version on the right, but in this case felt that by incorporating the black and white pictures on the wall, showing the family in years gone by, made it much more poignant. Not to mention to show off the full length of the back of her gorgeous dress!


The above shot of Andover works OK cropped in any of the above modes I reckon. It would just come down to a matter of personal taste.


Cropping out the table and empty coffee mugs, and rotating the flower slightly, made quite a difference to the above picture.


The shot above left of Edinburgh Castle was straight from camera (and no, I wasn’t toppling over when I took it lol !!). I cropped it to portrait and rotated it, aiming to keep as much of the plants in the foreground as possible to give it depth. I kept a bit of the tilt though – I know not everyone’s cup of tea, but I actually like the effect (occasionally!)

So there we are. It’s amazing how such a simple action as the humble crop can make quite a difference to the end result.

Spilling the Beans Part 1 – New Head Anyone?

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Lots of you find it amusing when I say during your photo session, “don’t worry I can swap your heads afterwards if needs be“ And then we have a little chuckle about whose head I’ll give you … I think, George Clooney and Angelina Jolie have been mentioned once or twice 🙂

Seriously though folks … this is a very handy little trick of the trade that has come into its own time and time again over the years. It’s quite rare to get a large group shot straight out of camera where everyone has their eyes open/is looking in the right direction/unintentially pulling a funny face, etc.

In fact if ever a group shot comes straight out of camera with everyone looking amazing you can maybe hear a little scream of joy as I shout it from the rooftops haha!!

Swapping heads is not as tricky as it might sound, in editing terms of course 😉 It’s actually fairly straightforward to do in Photoshop – although can be a little time consuming especially when there may be several swaps to make in one picture, as is often the case for large groups. I won’t bore you with the finer details here as it might mean very little to you if you’re not familiar with Photoshop, although if you’re interested there are loads of tutorials online.

To be on the safe side, I always take several shots of each group pose so I have plenty of options for swapping heads and/or sections of images in post production.

Here’s one I made earlier:

head swap copy

I’ll use a mix of 3 or 4 images, sometimes more. Or maybe I’ll just replace the eyes, should they be closed, and keep the rest of the face as is. The process can involve lots of trial and error to see what works best, but like most things in life, the more you do, the better and faster you become.

So next time you might be curious and think to yourself “how on earth did she get that lovely shot of us all?”… now you know!!

Magic 😉