Mad March 2020 … But Spring Came Anyway

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Who’d have thought when we were tucking into our Christmas dinners with our loved ones, that three months later the majority of us would be confined to our homes, with schools, shopping centres, restaurants, gyms, parks etc closed, empty shelves in the supermarkets, no online shopping slots and not be able to find those little necessities we usually take for granted – loo roll or soap, anyone? – for love nor money. And that “social distancing” would become the temporary norm and a commonly used phrase.

Nope. I doubt any of us could have imagined this surreal situation that we and the whole world have found ourselves in due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Unbelievable isn’t it?

First and foremost, I hope you and your families are keeping safe and continue to do so.

It’s such a shame too for all the weddings and other parties and events that have had to be postponed. What an impact this is having on so many things!

Of course, along with everything else, for the time being, my photoshoots have been suspended, and at this time of writing, we have no idea when it will be deemed safe to start them again.

Luckily, I also have my Zazzle Print on Demand store which is keeping me sane through all this craziness! I am counting my blessings that I can continue to do what I love, working from home, as is the norm for me, and creating new designs and keeping my store up and running.  Strange though isn’t it, much as I adore working from home engrossed in my art and, in normal circumstances I have to drag myself away from my desk as I can’t get enough of it,  when you are being forced to stay indoors due to the current lockdown and isolation, all you want to do is get out and about!

How fortunate that we have apps like FaceTime and Zoom so we can virtually connect with our families and friends through all this, when we can’t physically get to see them. This week I am arranging a virtual “coffee morning” with my sister, and also an online get together with a group of friends, I expect with a glass of vino in our hands!  Obviously, we’ll be having lots of virtual meetups with our boys too.

I feel so much for some elderly folk, like my own mum. Not only do they have the extra worry of being in the most vulnerable category, many of them aren’t so internet savvy, or familiar with apps where they can use Facetime to speak to their loved ones, nor have access to things like Netflix to keep themselves occupied. Without being able to enjoy the same technology that lots of us use to entertain ourselves, even more so at the moment, boredom seeps in.

And heartfelt thanks to our doctors, nurses, care staff, emergency service workers, everyone working in the supermarkets and shops, postmen and delivery drivers and to anyone else playing a vital role right now, who are working so hard through this troubled time to keep us safe and fed and watered. Our Angels in Disguise for sure.

Dreadful as things are right now, I truly believe that positives will come from all of this and I know I am not alone in thinking along those lines.

Someone in the Zazzle forums posted a poem, which I found very uplifting with a very inspirational message.  

I believe it was originally written by an Italian journalist named Irene Vella. The version posted below was translated into Dutch from the original Italian language, and then from Dutch into English. So, I’m not quite sure how closely it resembles the original words and some of the lines aren’t grammatically correct once translated into English, but the sentiment remains.

I am going to include the whole poem below, even though it is long. But I think it’s so very beautiful and maybe just what we need right now.

May you find it as inspiring as I did. Take good care of yourselves 😊


It was early 2020
Winter had been long and dark,
February had been a very restless month with lots of storms and lots of rain
Nature was restless, as if she wanted to tell people something,
as if she wanted to warn people about something

And then came March

It was March 2020…
The streets were empty,
most of the shops were closed,
most of the cars stayed parked on the side of the road,
people almost never left their homes, all over the world,
countries were locked,
people couldn’t believe this was happening,
it was so surreal
Everyone knew what was going on

But Spring… did not know
And the flowers started blooming
And the sun was shining
The first beautiful spring day since long arrived
And the swallows came back
And the sky turned pink and blue
It got dark later and early in the morning the light came through the windows

It was March 2020…
Youngsters studied online from home
Inevitably, children played mainly at home
Adolescents were bored, parents did not know what to do
People only came outside for shopping or to walk the dog
Almost everything was closed
Even the offices, hotels, restaurants and bars
The army began to guard exits and borders
People had to work from home
Entrepreneurs ran into problems
Most children were no longer able to go to school
Suddenly there was not enough room for everyone in hospitals, operations and investigations were postponed
Everyone knew what was going on

But Spring… did not know and it sprung
She imperturbably continued her annual program
She gave us her most beautiful flowers and her most wonderful scents

It was March 2020…
Everyone was quarantined at home for health or preventive reasons
Some people were no longer allowed to go to work, others had to
Hugging, kissing or shaking hands was suddenly a threat
Everyone had to keep a good distance from each other,
All sorts of shelves were empty in the supermarket
All kinds of fun things were canceled,
a lot of things had to end and nobody knew when that would pass
People were limited in their freedom while there was peace
All over the world, many people got sick and it was contagious
There was isolation, illness and panic
And then the fear became real!

And the days all looked the same
And the weeks suddenly lasted much longer
And everyone hoped that no more strict measures would follow
People were stuck in a movie and hoped for the hero every day
The world had slowed down when it wasn’t a vacation,
nobody expected this
Everyone knew what was happening

But Spring… did not know, and the roses continued to bloom
The Magnolia was budding
And the birds started building their nests

And then…

It was the year in which people recognized the importance of health and connection,
of togetherness,
of social contacts and perhaps also of their vocation,
this did something to the collective consciousness,
this did something with all people
The economy almost went under,
but it didn’t stop, it reinvented itself
It was the year when the world seemed to stop,
the year we would get into the history books together…
We all knew that

But Spring… did not know
And the flowers continued to bloom, and the trees sprouted
The weather was getting warmer
And more and more birds appeared

And then…Came the day of liberation…
People watched TV and were told… the emergency was over
And that the virus had lost!
That everyone had won TOGETHER!
And then everyone took to the streets…
With tears in their eyes…
Without masks and gloves…
Neighbours hugging as if they were brothers
And the world had become more beautiful and more loving
And people had become more humane
And they again had values ​​and norms
People’s hearts were open again,
which had positive consequences
And because everything had stood still, the earth could breathe again,
she too was healed of what people had done to her earlier

And then Summer came

Because Spring… didn’t know
And she was still there
Despite everything
Despite the virus
Despite the fear
Despite death
Because Spring didn’t know, everyone learned… the power of life

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