A visit to the place where photography began (and the rest)

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Here we are, our holiday almost at an end.  It’s been a super break – and happily the weather’s been very obliging too 🙂

So here’s what we’ve been up to …. and as I’m still just about on holiday, I decided to go a bit arty with the pics. I just can’t help myself (big thanks to Smart Photo Editor).

We’ve certainly been making the most of our National Trust membership, with trips to the fascinating Petworth and Uppark Houses, and exploring the beautiful grounds of Great Chalfield Manor and Courts Garden. Thank goodness for the sunshine – great – no wellies necessary!!

2015-09-02 14.13.10_pe

Petworth House

2015-09-02 16.08.41_pe_pe

Uppark House

2015-09-01 16.13.41-2_pe_pe

Courts Garden

All amazing, but our favourite National Trust visit this time was, hands down, Lacock Abbey and Village.

You may know that Lacock Village is home to many a TV and film period drama, due to its quaint, olde worlde appearance. There is no modern stuff on view, such as TV aerials/satellite dishes and the like; it’s like stepping back in time. Easy to see why it’s the perfect location for TV and film productions such as Pride and Prejudice, The Other Boleyn Girl, Emma and Moll Flanders to name but a few.

The enchanting Village of Lacock

The enchanting Village of Lacock

A fascinating village indeed, with some lovely little shops and pubs, not to mention the delights of the Chocolate Barn … yum! We treated ourselves of course.

From the village, we strolled into the beautiful Abbey itself.

2015-09-01 12.32.53_pe_pe

Lacock Abbey

2015-09-01 12.30.30_pe_pe

Lacock Abbey

Lacock Abbey was once home to William Henry Fox Talbot, famous for his contribution to the invention of photography. It was at one of the windows in the Abbey that Mr Fox Talbot took the very first photographic negative in 1835. Naturally I had to get a shot of the very same window where that history was made, as indeed have many others, I’ll bet.

The famous window in Lacock Abbey

The famous window where it all began

The Abbey was built upon the foundations of a former nunnery, and it’s still possible to explore the cloisters and medieval rooms – location for some scenes in the Harry Potter movies!

The cloisters

The cloisters

Each room in the Abbey seems to have it’s own unique character, which makes it really interesting. Almost every time you walk through a door, you are surprised by a different style.

We ended our tour of the Abbey in the Fox Talbot museum, an interesting display of the history of photography. Technology may have come along a bit since those humble beginnings, but we have such a lot to thank the very clever William Henry Fox Talbot for, amongst others. We really enjoyed learning how it all began.

We also managed a couple of visits to the seaside during our hols – oh yes! Although we may not have actually walked on the sand, at least we got to see the sea! We didn’t go too far … a quick trip to Lepe at the beginning of the week, and a few days later we met with friends at the picturesque Boscombe and Avon Beaches.

Beach Huts on Avon Beach

Beach Huts on Avon Beach

Avon Beach

Avon Beach

Whilst in the area, we made a fleeting visit to Highcliffe Castle. But it was almost closing time so just for a quick cuppa and to take in the beautiful views. We’ll save the inside of the Castle for another time. It looks very impressive and can’t wait to learn about its links with Mr Selfridge.

Highcliffe Castle

Highcliffe Castle

So all in all, a great week, polished off by a lovely family lunch yesterday at the Chilworth Manor to celebrate my mum’s birthday.  Like lots of families, it’s very rare for us all to get together, so ’twas a special day and a real treat for mum.

So now nicely relaxed and raring to go!

Hoping you all had a brilliant summer too 🙂

For more info on some of the places we visited, and all highly recommended:







and if you ever fancy going all arty this is a great piece of software http://www.smartphotoeditor.com/

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