Sprucing it up!

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I thought the blog was due a bit of a makeover, and there’s no time like the present!

Spot the difference!!

Hope you’re liking the new header, and I’ve also added some new widgets along the sidebar alongside the social media links.  If you ever get the chance to try any of the buttons out, do let me know if you get any problems with any of the links. Can’t always tell when testing them myself…everything seems OK, but we all know how fickle technology can be!!

Oh and on my phone it looks different to how it appears on my IPad and computer – the new header doesn’t seem to show.  Haven’t quite got to the bottom of that one yet!  So if you’re viewing on your phone and can’t see the header it looks something like this:

Romsey Fotografix header for blog

In fact it looks exactly like that!

Well it’s just a quickie for now … I’ve lots of posts in the pipeline for you and will pop them on as regularly as time permits 🙂

In the meantime, as always, any comments or suggestions you may have, are most welcome.

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