Pooches, Pimms & Plenty of Sun

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Lynn congratulates the winning doggie and scenes from the day

Glorious sunshine and beautiful surroundings made for a fabulous afternoon at Hampton Court School summer fete – and in aid of a very worthy cause.

Their Future Today is a charity that my friend, Lynn, set up ten years ago, and has gone on to achieve so much since, which has been no mean feat.  Please take a look at the story if you can, it makes for very interesting reading http://theirfuturetoday.com/

We were there primarily to take pictures of the pooches in the dog show.  This was a little challenging in the heat … and of course, dogs being dogs 😉  But great fun all the same.  They each have their own special little characters and can do some really funny, and often unexpected things, which gave the spectators a good old giggle!

That’s the great thing about photographing animals – the spontaneity of it all!!

Once we’d finished taking the pictures, we had chance to wander round and enjoy the fete before we headed back up the M3.  ‘Twas very relaxing to have a natter, Pimms in hand, bask in the wonderful sunshine,  and listen to the band playing some pretty cool tunes.

Lee and I couldn’t resist treating ourselves to one of the beautiful paintings from the Art Fair.  We both fell in love with it and knew if we didn’t get it there and then, we’d have wished we had all the way home.  It was very reasonable too and looks great up in our lounge, so we’re very glad we did.

A most enjoyable afternoon for sure and a good time had by all 🙂

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