A pair of gloves and a lick of paint.

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Yep – you may well ask:  why am I wearing gloves on my feet?

Well here’s the story in a nutshell …

Studio reception

New look wall and panorama of reception. Oh, and those gloves!

A slight change of plans yesterday morning became the perfect opportunity to spruce up the reception area in the studio.  All the new sample frames have recently arrived and the wall display area needed rearranging to fit them all on. Off with the old and on with the new!

Great timing as it happens to coincide with my new price list which is well underway, and so that you are able to see the new products on the wall as soon as possible.

As Lee and I were taking all the pictures down, we thought, what better time to give it a coat of paint?   We both felt something a little more colourful this time would be ideal, so off we went for a fleeting visit to B&Q.  Luckily we agreed quickly on a colour to blend in well with the chairs etc, so it was back to the studio to roller it on.

And the gloves?

I keep an old pair of overalls in the studio for when we paint the backdrop, so that was fine, but, it suddenly occurred to me I was wearing my new(ish) sandals – so there’s where the painting gloves came in to keep them from getting splattered with mandarin-coloured paint.  I’m very good at being messy with paint! I didn’t have any better ideas and they did the trick, even if they did look pretty ridiculous!!

And no, I’m not going to post a pic of myself in the very unflattering overalls.  The world isn’t quite ready for that one.

It took us the best part of the day to get everything done – but well worth it, I hope you agree 🙂

And speaking of the new brochure – I’ll be posting soon a sneaky peek of that.  There’s a bit of a radical change to pricing from previous ones …

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