Pinterest anyone?

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Yes! Oh yes!  The more you go there, the more you can’t live without it!  Are you the same?  I think the word might be addicted (in my case anyway 😉 ).  Though I promise I do give priority to editing your images and processing your orders before getting engrossed in it!!  I tend to browse through whilst I’m waiting for folk to arrive for photo sessions, or at the end of the day on my Ipad, once I’ve switched off the computer.

With all this browsing, I’ve been inspired to create lots of new boards and I’m forever pinning stuff to them – here’s the link to my profile:

I’m also in the process of adding boards such as guides to what to wear for your shoot as well as boards for various photoshoot types etc.  Plans for lots of other new boards too! Still very much a work in progress at the moment, as it’s quite a time consuming task.  Very enjoyable though!  

I’ve just added a board re the different crop aspect ratios which hopefully will come in handy:

Also I’m planning to create “secret” boards to share with you at the time of booking, so if you see any images or poses you’d like me to recreate, you can pin the pictures to our shared secret board.  It’s a great way for me to see the type of thing you have in mind too!

Oh, and I think this has to be my most favourite of all my boards …

Wow! Some super talented photographers have taken these amazing shots!

Please feel free to check out my boards if you haven’t headed over to my profile lately (and follow me if you so wish 🙂 )

Thank you – and don’t get too addicted – or is it too late to tell you that!!

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