Heyho, The Photography Show!

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Our annual trip to Birmingham for The Photography Show at the NEC is always one of the highlights of my year. And this year’s show certainly did not disappoint!

A photographer’s dream 🙂

So much to do …

  • Catching up with suppliers;
  • Drooling over all the latest gear;
  • Picking up some great tips and lessons at the numerous seminars;
  • Being wowed by all the amazing products and wonderful new and innovative ways for displaying photos, some of the samples displayed are absolutely spectacular, can’t wait to show you;
  • And of course, taking loads of photos – beautifully made up models in various styles of clobber, and stage artists doing all kinds of tricks, are there solely for that purpose.  As you can see from my pics, I couldn’t resist putting on my arty hat when we got back, trying out all sorts of weird and wacky effects, which I reckon are just made for this type of image!!
  • You know what I’m like with my creative effects 😉

blog I also came away from the day with so many ideas for new wall display products etc, it’s going to take me a little while to decide which to include in my new prices list!! Once I’ve whittled my long list of possibles down, I’ll get some samples ordered so you can see all these fantastic items.

I’ll keep you posted.

We also went this time with the intention of finding out more about a new LED continuous lighting system for the studio, to replace our current flash lights.  After a very helpful and in-depth conversation with an extremely knowledgeable representative from one of the company’s who specialise, we decided to go for it!!   It was really brilliant to be able to ask all sorts of questions and see the lights in action there and then – definitely made it much easier to make an informed decision.

So the new lights should all be in place and up and running in the next couple of weeks. Exciting!!

So although a long, and somewhat exhausting day, it was, as usual, a most rewarding and satisfying experience.

Big thanks to everyone concerned 🙂


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