5 Excellent Apps for Editing Photos

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I promised to share with you my favourite photo editing Apps, so here goes!

These are my ones of choice when editing my personal pics taken on my Iphone, such as for my pictures of the day, and when we’re out socialising, etc. I just love experimenting with the different effects, and seeing how even only half-decent images can be transformed into something a bit special.

Only problem … it can be a bit addictive! But great fun … if you like this kind of thing!

Anyways …


This is my absolute must have! It’s the one I always go to first to do an initial edit on pictures; a little cropping maybe, then an enhancement such as the Drama or HDR effects, both of which can take your images from good to Woweeeee!!

You can also adjust the effect to your personal taste by swiping across the screen.

Here’s a pic I took on my Iphone, before and after it had been “Snapseeded”

Before ...

Before …

... and after!

… and after!

 Quite a difference, eh? Amazing what a little crop, straighten and a bit of Drama can do!!

PicsPlay Pro

This is perfect if you only want to enhance your image, as you can adjust colour, exposure, white balance, sharpening etc. But it does also hold a massive FX studio comprising of ten effect folders such as Art, HDR, Black & White, Beauty, etc, and each of these effect folders contain several looks to choose from ij that genre and adjust if you so wish. You could spend hours experimenting, but you will no doubt find your favourites and stick to those mostly, as I do.

This App also includes a whole range of frames, textures, stamps (art and word overlays), vignettes and lots more!

Very handy. 

For this image, I used “Scratching” from the Grunge FX section



Great name eh!!

As well as being excellent for collages, which I’ll cover in another post, Pizap http://www.pizap.com/ has some really different enhancements – adding all sorts of wonderful patterns and colours to your pictures. It also has a huge number of stickers, borders, phrases – you can even cutout a section from your image.  Also add filters with a bit of a difference, such as stars, dazzle, pop art etc etc. You can have a good old play and never know what you’re going to end up with!

Some I gave the PiZap treatment to …

IMG_3006 IMG_3008 IMG_30102014-10-10 22.18.07


This is a super App as you can achieve a perfect result transforming your photo into a fabulous watercolour painting. And you can even choose the style of watercolour you’d like – there are several to experiment with – ranging from abstract to illustrative!

Clever stuff!

 Painted in Waterlogue Painted in Waterlogue

Photo Pro.Lab

And now for something completely different!

This App is pure fun – definitely not to be taken seriously! All sorts of wacky stuff … frames, backgrounds, effects and collages – you can even put your best friend on the cover of Vogue!

Love the anticipation of how the image will look as the App processes the effect!

Just too much to mention here so why don’t I just show you a few I made earlier …. sorry I had to use myself as a model for one or two!!

 IMG_3206 IMG_2941

 IMG_3040 (2) IMG_2957 IMG_2944 IMG_2942 IMG_3166 (2) IMG_2917

Truely hilarious!!!

I do realise that effects aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I really enjoy using them on my personal pics. Haha, you’d never have guessed would you!!!  🙂

Happy creating!!

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