A year in a heartbeat

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Well here it is … a quick whizz through my Photo365 2014 highlights …. if you’d like to take a look please click this link – it’s short, I promise!!


I remember some of you started a similar project – I’d love to know if you kept it going and how it turned out. It can be a challenge thinking of something different to photograph every day, for sure. For me, some days were certainly trickier to find inspiration than others, like when I didn’t venture far, other than to the studio or editing at my desk.   I set myself a few “rules” when I started – some of which had fallen by the wayside by the end of the year ie that I must take and upload the picture to my calendar on the actual day … the pre-Christmas rush put paid to that on some days! Couldn’t afford to miss any deadlines!!

But I did stick to taking all the photos for my project mainly on my Iphone, with a few on the Ipad, but not the SLRs, and didn’t include any shots for clients taken in the studio, which would have made it far too many to choose from, and almost feel like cheating! I really wanted to keep it as a personal project, and make my imagination work hard to find different subjects to photograph every day; this has been brilliant to keep my creativeness on its toes and, often, stretch my imagination to its limits!!! A great exercise for the ol’ brain cells!

Also it’s been a fantastic excuse to seek out some great editing and collage apps, and along the way I’ve also discovered some brilliant apps to provide inspirational quotes and artistic lettering (hugely popular at the moment) to include on some of the daily pics.  Some of these have also come in handy for my Facebook posts and even to add to some of your images (just occasionally, when truly apt!).

As the year has gone on, more and more editing/arty apps have come onto the market, even better than ever.   It’s been great fun experimenting with them to keep my project looking as fresh as possible.

And, believe me, I have tried LOTS!

Some I’ve stuck with for ages, use all the time, and absolutely love!! Some I’ve tried, used once or twice,  then abandoned; others I use sparingly as they’re a bit different and nice for a change, but too often would be overkill. For instance, at the beginning of last year, I discovered the kaleidoscope effect (using the camera in the Photobooth App on the Ipad) and became such a mad fan of it, I used it on almost every shot in my project for days on end! Now looking back at those pics, I’m not seeing them in quite the same adoring light!! (Lee will be saying, “I told you so” as he always did wonder what I saw in them!)

As new Apps keep appearing, I’m always on the lookout to try and make sure I’m not missing anything amazing! So if you’ve come across any you can’t live without, I’d love to hear about them!!

I’ll be sharing with you some of my favourite apps in another post soon.

So …have I enjoyed doing the project? Oh yes!!!! So worth it – a diary of my year in pictures! Fabulous keepsake!!

Will I be continuing my Photo A Day? You bet!!   My 2015 project is well underway– using the same Photo365 App http://www.photo365app.com as before. I love it and as yet haven’t come across anything I like better.

And I’ve already got the book for my 2014 365Project!  Of course!! That won’t surprise anyone who knows me 😉

My year of Twenty Fourteen all printed up and ready to flick through whenever I feel the need to reminisce. Aaahhh ….

365 book1

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