Ringing out the old … and wishing you a wonderful year to come!

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new year 2015 So …. how was yours?

Christmas is always more magical when you have little ones to share it with, as loads of you do, so hoping it was extra special!

Although, the “big day” sure has a lot to live up to, doesn’t it? Was it all it was cracked up to be, or were you left feeling a little downhearted after the usual big build up and all the hype?

There were a lot of bugs flying round, hope you managed to escape them…Lee and I both picked up colds, which decided to turn up just in time for the Christmas festivities and are still making themselves at home, and (very kindly) invited along their friends “The Coughs” to join them 😉  We must have unwittingly made them feel quite at home, as they seem very loathe to leave!!  We are well and truly ready for them to go on their merry way now!! Still they have given us the excuse to have a good rest over the holiday, apart from when we’ve been busy entertaining and visiting, we’ve also had a few days of chilling out and watching our fair share of slushy Xmas movies on Christmas24 (strangely addictive, is it a bit sad to admit that? Probably….)

There’s still a few days left of our holiday, so I’ve a chance to plan and work on lots of new ideas to come in 2015 for Romsey Fotografix. And, of course, time to get rid of the remnants of the festive food from the fridge, take down the decorations and clean up the house. 

Basically, onwards and upwards!

This poor old blog gets a bit neglected in the pre-Christmas rush, but I have lots of posts coming up for you soon … including my latest 365 Day Photo news (how did you get on with yours during 2014, would love to know?); weddings and wedding venues we’ve had the joy of photographing (maybe will give you some venue ideas if you have a big day to plan!); news on some great apps out there for your photo editing; family photoshoots “over-the-years” features; more about Fotoshows and new Apps I’ve started to bring in during 2014 which have proved very popular, hopefully making life easier for you … and lots more besides!

I really love to hear your news too, so please keep in touch whenever you can!

And so … as another New Year hovers on the horizon, may it bring you everything you wish for and lots of happiness.

Wishing you all a very Healthy, Happy and Peaceful 2015.

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