Sunshine and Seashells

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Boy, it seems like a million miles away what with the rain beating down against the windows as I write, but maybe what better time to be swept back into the sunny moments of this beautiful wedding on an extremely warm day back in June!

The wedding ceremony itself took place in the garden of the Days Hotel, Bournemouth, with its stunning views!  Such an awesome setting … the sparkling sea in the distance, and everyone basking in the sunshine as the lovely bride and groom said their vows.

Romantic, eh!

As if that wasn’t a big enough photographer’s dream, during the afternoon we hitched a lift in the VW camper van  (booked as a surprise treat by the bride to the groom!) along with the happy couple (yes, we thought we’d best take them with us 😉 ), and headed off to Boscombe beach to take some pictures of them relaxing together on the wonderful sandy beach!

Could've been the Maldives!

Could’ve been the Maldives!

A beautiful day for sure 🙂  Happy memories.

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