Holiday Highlight 4 … Spinnaker Tower

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O…M…G……..All I can say is WOW!!!

OK, I can also say a little more about our visit to this awesome structure.


It’s another local landmark we’ve been intending to visit ever since it opened its doors in 2005. We’ve been to Gunwharf Quays a fair few times since then, but never inside the Spinnaker Tower itself – really glad we now have!

Have you ever been? If so, I’m sure you’ll agree, the views are pretty amazing! if not, here’s a little taster of what to expect if ever you do.

First stop when you arrive is to have a quick photo of yourselves against a green screen, which is then superimposed onto a finished picture with the Spinnaker Tower behind – nice keepsake. The photo is ready to collect on your way back down.

We gasped at our first glance of the incredible views in all directions as we emerged from the lift at the first level.


If you dare (we did), take a walk onto the glass floor area in the centre then look down to the sheer drop below – yikes!!! Seeing all the folk milling round on the ground three hundred feet or so below, was a little daunting at first, and if you’ve not got a head for heights, could definitely make you a wee bit dizzy!


We then took the steps to level 2 where we had cappacinno and cake overlooking the sea. Such a breathtaking view 🙂

I can think of worse places to have elevenses!!


Off to the top level next, where the roof area was actually open, except for a net draped across, through which we could see the glorious blue sky. Quite delightful to enjoy the welcome breeze blowing through whilst taking in the fantastic sights before us.

We didn’t envy the guy painting the structure just outside, he was well strapped in, but he must have a head for heights for sure. Didn’t seem to phase him at all as he chatted and joked with us and the other visitors through the netting.


Finally dragging ourselves away from this blissful scene, we headed back down to earth (literally!), stopping off en route at the shop on the ground floor to collect our photo.

The complimentary photo and coffee, along with the reduced entry fee, were all down to (yet another) Groupon offer which came our way, so all in all very good value indeed.

We were even given the option of having our picture made into fridge magnets in lieu of the print, and as we like to collect one from wherever we go on our travels that was perfect for us (BTW with the amount of travelling Lee does there’s not an awful lot of space left on our fridge!)


We so LOVED our visit 🙂

I was also surprised to discover you can get married there too – how incredible would that be?

We rounded off our day with an amble round the Gunwharf shops and of course taking lots of pictures of this very scenic place.



We feel very lucky to have this beautiful landmark so close to home – I feel another elevenses date coming on sometime 😉

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