Holiday Highlight 3 … Broadlands

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The impressive house and grounds.

The impressive house and grounds.

Broadlands House. It’s literally on our doorstep, and I reckon almost every time we’ve driven by the place over the years, we’ve said to ourselves, “we really must go there one day!”

And we finally did – on Monday, just in time before it closed its doors for another season.

Very impressed we were too!

We were shown around by a charming guide, and the tour was very informative and interesting.

The house both outside and in is extremely impressive, as you might expect, but it has certainly seen its fair share of tragedy and sadness over the years.

Famous for being the honeymoon location of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, and also the Queen and Prince Philip, who are still regular visitors.

By the time we left, our heads were bursting with all the info we’d heard, so much to take in, but I was so intrigued to learn more about the place, so did some more indepth research online afterwards about the history and present family who live there.

There’s quite a story behind it.

Fascinating stuff. So glad we managed a visit this time round 🙂


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