Holiday Highlights 1 … The Great Dorset Steam Fair

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What a view!

What a view!

We’re staying close to home for our holiday this week, just taking days out as and when the mood takes us. We’re planning to visit local places we’ve been meaning to go see for years and never quite gotten around to it! You know how it is, you live virtually round the corner to a place of interest and keep promising yourself you’ll get there one day and very rarely do! We’re definitely going to tick off a couple of these places this week!

 Anyway … back to our visit to the Great Dorset Steam Fair on Saturday. In fact, somewhere neither of us had actually thought about going to before, but when a very special deal for entry popped into my inbox a few weeks ago, it seemed like a great idea – my mind as usual thinking, “Yes! Gotta be some great picture opportunities there!”

As indeed there were!

photo5_pe We’d seen warnings of the extremely muddy conditions, so we went prepared, but fortunately the ground had dried out a lot and it could have been a lot worse.

And happily the sun decided to show its face – for some of the day at least 🙂

But whatever the weather, we both agreed it sure is an incredible day out, and wondered why on earth we’d never been sooner – especially when our boys were young!

 So what to expect?

We expected it would be busy, but as we approached the venue (in Tarrant Hinton), we were astonished by the incredible view of the number of cars parked across several fields in the distance. There was still heaps of parking left  for all though. And not too much of a trek from car to the entrance.

 It’s like one of those places you never know what you’re gonna find next – a surprise around every corner!

 We knew of course there would be plenty of steam engines – and we were not disappointed – there were of course! Great subjects for photos.

Just one of many!

Just one of many!

But there’s so much more besides!

 Two massive marquees were the first things to greet on arrival – one, home of a Farmer’s Market Food Hall, and t’other a splendid craft fair with some very talented folk displaying their wares!

 I could easily have spent the best part of the day admiring all the amazing goodies, but dragged myself away as time was quickly slipping by!

We headed off to get a bite to eat. Amazingly, there were no queues due to the vast number of stands selling all kinds of tasty delights!

Fed and watered, we headed towards the huge funfair, so many stalls and rides, both hair-raising and not so, and sounds of the fairground organ ringing in our ears.

Phew we were at top of that!

Phew we were at top of that!

We decided a ride on The Vue (along the lines of the London Eye) would be an amazing photo opportunity, and it did not disappoint. The views from the (somewhat windy) top were incredible and bought it home just how massive the whole show is! 

What a view!

What a view!


Funfair from above

Funfair from above

More fun  of the fair!

More fun of the fair!

It was a good decision to do The Vue early on in our visit, so we had an idea of just how much there was to see and where we would be off to next.

 We admired and photographed the steam engines and shirehorses, then watched and had a good ol’ sing-a-long at an old time music show.

This year there was also a commemorative exhibition of 1914 and a reconstruction of the trenches, which was extremely thought provoking and very well done.

A fly past of the Red Arrows en route to the Bournemouth Air Show was an unexpected treat!

 For us, the most exciting part of the day had to be the motor cycle stunts which were quite astonishing.

Gotta lot of bottle!

Gotta lot of bottle!

 Wow, nerves of steel eh!!!

As if all this wasn’t enough, there were rows upon rows of stalls selling everything from shoes to wooden garden furniture, clothes and perfumes, tools, make-up, you name it, there seemed to be someone selling it!!

By this time our poor old feet were aching from all that walking, and it had started to turn quite chilly, so we decided to call it a day, although the shows and amazing stunts went on until midnight, and we heard they were quite spectacular.

 All in all a pretty incredible day out, and amazing value for money. Especially when bought via a Groupon! 😉

 If you’ve never been, we can highly recommend it next time round!

Nostalgia at its very best 🙂

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