Changing Faces of a Seaside Town

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Now the schools have broken up for the summer, no doubt lots of you will be heading to the seaside, making the most of the gorgeous sunshine we’ve been having.

Although it was drizzling a bit as I wrote this 😉  It’s sunny again now though! The good ol’ British summer eh!

Anyway, our youngest son is lucky to live just a stone’s throw from the beach in Brighton. He went to Sussex Uni and loved the town so much, he decided to make his home there.

Meaning of course we are fairly regular visitors to the place; come rain, hail, shine or snow!

Actually, we have rarely visited Brighton during the very height of summer, for no particular reason. Just because, really 🙂

However on Sunday we had cause to, so we did.

I am always struck by how very different the atmosphere of the seaside can be depending on the time of year!

This time round, I expected it to be heaving with holidaymakers, especially along the seafront and down on the beach and Pier, which indeed it was; but because these days I am more used to being there out of season, I couldn’t help myself comparing the scenarios, between this visit and the last couple of times we’ve been.

I guess if you live in a popular seaside resort, you get used to how things differ at the various times of year, and maybe even pine a little for the quieter times. Things like parking must be a lot easier for a start!

For me, the sea front in the colder months feels a bit ghostly. Once most of the shops and amusements along the front have been boarded up for the season and the tourists have left, it can appear eerily bleak.

Even in Brighton.

Whilst the town itself is always busy no matter when, the deserted winter seafront seems almost like another world.

When I was growing up, my grandparents ran a pub in Margate, so we went to see them at all times of the year, and even spent a few Christmas’s there.  It felt pretty weird being at the seaside in December and, even at that young age, things seemed spookily quiet there during the winter months.

Maybe that’s why I’m so fascinated by it still to this day.

We visited Brighton on a very blustery day a few months back

Remember those storms? Of course you do!   It was virtually impossible to get to the seafront that day due to the force of the gales pushing us back. But we could just about see the waves lashing angrily against the shingle from the other side of the road, and pulled up for a quick photo from the protection of the car window on our way home.


2014-02-12 13.04.002014-02-12 16.13.05 thisFortunately the wind isn’t always so unforgiving in the winter, even thought the sea breeze is guaranteed to bite!

2014-02-12 16.09.07 this 2014-03-07 17.05.19this DSC00356 2014-03-07 17.27.00-2 this 2014-01-10 14.33.04 this 2014-01-10 14.24.49 this 2014-01-10 14.34.14-1 this Compare the pictures below to the ones above, taken in deepest, darkest winter. Just a handful of people wandering along the pebbled beach, wrapped up snugly and braving the elements … and then hurrying home to a nice cup of tea. I expect 🙂

A very different picture indeed to the buzz of Summer Brighton below!  Excited screams coming from the rides on the Pier, and music blaring out; folk relaxing happily on the trademark stripey blue or red deckchairs sprawled along the beach and Pier; and loads more holidaymakers languishing on the beach and swimming in the sea, even on a hazy day as was Sunday.

2photo 2copy

photo3 copy photo2 copy

But either way, I must say ….

  photo1For sure 🙂  

Thanks for the rather apt poster below to



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