182 and a half days in ….

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OK. I’m not going to pretend it’s been a doddle. Indeed, some days, it has been downright tricky! On the other hand, I am so pleased I’ve kept up my 365 Photo Project.

It’s certainly kept my creative juices rolling and got my imagination running overtime. When travelling to beautiful places it’s easy to find inspiring things to photograph, spoilt for choice; other times, it’s been a case of looking at things I see everyday (some of which are, ahem, mundane, to say the least) in a completely different and artistic way.

You may remember I set myself a few ground rules when I started the Project on New Year’s Day such as all pics must be taken on my Ipad or Iphone and on the day in question (sorry, I did let that one slip on Friday but we were photographing a prom and extra especially busy, so I cut myself some slack just this once 😉 ); none should be work related (of course I take tons of photos all the time, ’tis what I do and love) but for my project I wanted to photograph completely different things.

I can honestly say, it’s done me a world of good 🙂 I have lots of super photos and memories I may not otherwise taken, even over and above those I have selected for my 365Photo calendar.

Great photo editing apps have helped too! Oh yes, I’ve tried them all and been through phases of loving them, going off them a bit and moving to to the next … and then going back again! Yep, collages, hdr effects, even the (very) weird and whacky – anything goes as you will see. But as I love experimenting with different effects this has been part and parcel of the fun. And when faced with one of the aforementioned more mundane subject matters, adding a spot of poetic licence can’t do any harm, can it. (I expect there are those who will beg to differ, art is highly subjective after all!)

So here’s a little slideshow of some of my favorites year to date (don’t worry, not all!). It’s in no particular order so the seasons have merged as have the various stages of effects I have been through.

So how is yours going?

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