Sunny smiles to melt your heart

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I first met this adorable young man and his lovely mummy and daddy, Lyndsay and Alastair, in August 2007, when they came in with Toby’s aunties, uncles and cousins for a family photoshoot. It was a lovely afternoon. However, as you can see from Toby’s story, 2007 had been an extremely traumatic year for the family.




It was wonderful to see how Toby was getting along at his next photoshoot, in March 2008, when he was just over a year old.

 Toby’s laughter lit up the studio, and his amazing smile warmed my heart.

smiles and laughter




It was fantastic to see the family again in October 2011. Toby had started school the month before, and had made a great start. Once again, he beamed his way through the photo session – a star model!



I had the joy of photographing Toby with his cousins at the beginning of 2012, and then again, shortly after Christmas 2013, at the family home.

As you can see, Toby’s laughter is as infectious as ever 🙂


Toby recently celebrated his 7th birthday and in his mummy’s words:

“Today should be Toby’s 7th birthday. Instead he is 7 and 3 months. Do I wish things were different? Yes as I would have loved to have spent more time with Cameron and watch my boys grow as twins. Would I change Toby? NO NO NO. Despite the ups and downs, the bad days and good days he is who he is and is the happiest child I know and he has brought so much joy into our lives. Love him more everyday x x x”

 He is a truely remarkable little boy, that’s for sure.

Team Toby was set up to help raise funds for equipment for Toby that is unable to be funded for by the NHS.  Please visit for more information about the charity and Toby’s latest news.

As you can see, Lyndsay and Alastair’s tireless fundraising has not only helped to buy vital equipment, making a significant difference to Toby’s progress and enjoyment, but has also contributed to several other very worthy charities.

Lyndsay, Alastair and Toby: thank you very much for letting me share your story and take your photos 🙂 Always a joy.





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