From Lord Lichfield to Dinton Park

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Impromptu plans often turn out to be the best ones, don’t you think?  Our Easter Monday visit to Mottisfont was a spur of the moment decision when we happened to notice that it was the last day of the exhibition there of the portraits of Lord Lichfield, and decided to pop along to take a look whilst we had the opportunity.  So glad we did!  His wonderful pictures are an inspiration for sure – legendary! In case you didn’t get the chance to see the exhibition, some of them are shown in this article – see what I mean?

Mottisfont itself is a fantastic place of course, so we made the most of our latest visit and had a wander round the fabulous grounds in the glorious sunshine.



Our initial idea for the day had been to visit Philipps House in the grounds of Dinton Park, so we headed there next, after our Mottisfont detour. We’ve never been to Dinton Park before, and found it to be another fine example of the amazing English countryside and heritage.  When we got to the Park and first saw the house in the far distance, the trek looked a little daunting (although we discovered once we got nearer that we could have parked right outside!)  Glad we didn’t as it happened; the walk across the field in the warmth of the day, with the fantastic views of the lake to the left and the impressive sight of the house to the far right, was very pleasant indeed.  And besides, it would have been such a shame to have missed out on all those photo opportunities!





Philipps House itself is a bit of a hidden gem; as well as the stunning views outside, we had a very informative tour of the house. It’s well worth a visit if you get the chance.  The house is still lived in and only open a couple of times a week to visitors though!

So what with our visit to Clandon House on Good Friday, we’ve had a very interesting Easter break – lots of historical facts – not to mention being so spoilt for choice for my photo of the day to add to my 365Photo diary, what with all the incredible views to photograph – and of course I’ve made the most of it 😉

Hope you’ve had an enjoyable Easter break too!


Clandon House




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