It’s all going on!

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My blog posts are like buses I’m afraid, none for a while then they all come along together – there’s likely to be another couple over this Easter weekend whilst I have my writing hat on (posts that is, not buses 😉 ) !

Lots to tell you, so here goes …

Great New Stuff for your Walls

I’ve been a busy bee sourcing lots of new products and ordering the samples made for the studio. This is such a fun part of my work (yep, right up there in my book with the taking photos part!), but with such a myriad of fantastic products on offer, over several of my very reliable suppliers, it can be a tricky job narrowing down the choices …. ummm, where have I heard that said before? Oh yes, when you get your portfolios from me – but more about that dilemma further down this post!!!

Anyway I digress … happy to report the samples have arrived now, and I love ‘em all so hope you will too! Now it’s just a small question of making room on the studio walls to put them all up, help Lee 😉 , and work out the pricing for them so they can be featured in my next pricelist and on the website, and then we’ll be away!

I’ll be describing them in more detail soon but in the meantime here’s a sneaky preview:

Great new products!

Brilliant Keepsake Folios

Lifestyle Folios

I reckon these gorgeous clever, folding portfolios look great! Ideal to display two or three of your favourite pictures from any type of shoot. Perfect for presents too!

They are available in two different sizes, with a wide range of choices as far as cover styles and colours, and also picture layouts,  etc

Oh yay 🙂 More decisions!!


More details on all of the above coming soon.

Of course if any of these new products have caught your eye in the meantime, before they appear on the website/brochure etc, please feel free to ask for more info!

Last, but not least ….

Slideshows of your whole portfolio – thoughts please!

Going back to that thing about making choices and how tricky it can be deciding which photos to pick from your photoshoot, here’s something I’ve been contemplating …

I’ve invested in some great new software for creating inspiring slideshows and, in my spare time (ahem), I’ve been practising the art of perfecting these with a view to (possibly) offering them for sale, in conjunction with the purchase of other items. So, the long and the short of it would be that you could buy a slideshow containing all the images from your shoot, set to music, which you can view via a DVD player on your TV, and maybe for other devices, and to share online. The aim of these slideshows would be purely so you have all your images to keep and show, as so many of you say to me “I wish I could have them all”!

Needless to say, it wouldn’t be possible to print any of the images from the slideshow, as per the usual digital images you buy, it would be purely a lovely momento of your whole photoshoot for you to keep.

Anyway let me know if you have any thoughts on the idea, as it would be great to know if it’s something that might be popular with yourselves! It will help me to decide whether I should introduce them.  It’s likely that I will offer these for past shoots too – so if you’ve been in a few times, you could see all your pictures over the years together in one slideshow.

What do you reckon?

I really appreciate your feedback to keep me on the right track and give you what you would like, so feel free to get in touch with any comments and ideas either here or email me 🙂

Thank you very much 🙂

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