Another little trip down memory lane …

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Yes, I’ve been delving into those archives of mine again! 

These gorgeous sisters have been in for regular photo sessions since they were babies – in fact, six photoshoots in four years! Now that’s amazing! A big thank you to their lovely family for that 🙂

We first met at the beginning of 2010, when I took the baby shots of the first-born:


She’d grown a bit the next time she came along, in April 2011, with her little baby baby sister in tow:


Awww, cute eh! The next visit was later that year …


Even a few months make a difference.

Oh, but at their next photoshoot, a year later, they were no longer babies …. two charming little girls turned up, looking brilliant in yellow, with matching sunny smiles 🙂



Little Stars back again a few months later …


And at their latest shoot, just a month or so ago.

Yay! Old hands at this posing business now!


They are brilliant girls, lots of fun and giggles – and don’t they always look so immaculate! 

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little visit down memory lane.

More family memories coming soon 🙂


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