Newborn pics …. of the more furry kind!

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I’ve taken my fair share of newborn pictures that’s for sure, but today’s were just a little different to my norm.  In as much as they were LAMBS 🙂

Yes, it’s lambing season and this afternoon we headed on over to the open day at Westland Farm in Wickham to see the adorable little balls of fluff and, of course, grab a few shots on the Iphone.  Who could resist!

There were lots of “mums in waiting”  …. due any moment …


Some little babes barely an hour or two old ….


One new “mum” had to be put into stocks as she’d taken a bit of a dislike to her bairn and had to be kept from causing it harm ….


However most of the sheep seemed very protective of their new arrivals.


I even managed a little cuddle!


(not sure he was too enamoured though!)

And my favourite pic – this little mite even posed for the camera.  Honestly 😉


What a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

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