As the years go by ….

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As indeed they do, and rather too quickly that’s for sure!  However, one of the most amazing things about this “job” is being asked to photograph your children as babies, and then seeing them growing up as you bring them back in over the years! It’s a great privilege and I thank you very much!  And it’s lovely that so many of you manage do so.

I thought it was a shame to have all these happy memories sitting in my archives, so, with the kind permission of the mums and dads, decided I would share some of the photos from the various sessions.

The first young lady I am featuring has just celebrated her sixth birthday! But it only seems like five minutes ago when her lovely mum brought her along for her first photo session, and she looked very cute indeed:

ImageShortly after, she came in for her First Birthday shoot.  She seemed to be enjoying herself!


In the blink of an eye, her second birthday shoot…


OMG and then she was three!




Four and growing up fast!


Having fun with her mum at her fifth birthday session!


And very charming at six (and a One Direction fan!!)




Now virtually a pro in front of the camera!!

And a photobook of each shoot!


Thank you so much both of you for being such stars!

Trouble is, I’m reminded that I am that much older too. Hey ho 😉

More stories like this coming soon!






2 thoughts on “As the years go by ….

  1. Had the pleasure of meeting miss Emily Skye when we visited England and also had some wonderful memories captured by yourself. What a great way to capture a moment in time. From Aussie land.

    • Great to hear from you Sharon! Really enjoyed meeting you all when you were over and had great fun at your photoshoot! Hope all’s well with you, thanks so much for getting in touch. Happy memories 🙂

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