A Rather Angry Sea …

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OK, it may seem like a bit of a bonkers idea to go to the seaside in gale force winds and rain.  But we were down in Brighton visiting our son in any case, so I thought what a great opportunity to take a shot of the tempestuous waves for my today’s “365 photo” pic.

Well that was the plan anyway …. the wind, it seemed, had other ideas!  We attempted to turn the corner and cross the road to get to the seafront, and we simply couldn’t walk against the force of the wind!  It virtually blew us back from whence we came!! 

We decided to knock the idea on the head and went for a bite to eat in Cafe Rouge instead!

However, we did stop for a couple of shots as we drove along the front on our way home.  Sad to see even less of the old West Pier now, as more of it has disappeared into the sea in the latest storms.

Despite all, I still think there’s something a bit special about the seaside in the middle of winter.  Don’t you?


On foot, we just couldn’t get any nearer the sea than this corner!



A welcome break from the bracing elements!



The disappearing Old West Pier.



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