My January …. at a glance!

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Whoosh … there it was gone then! First month of the year all done and dusted in flash and lots of wind and rain to boot. It’s been a busy start to 2014, twice as many shoots as this time last year, which is fantastic and I thank you very much.

How are you getting on with your photo-a-day projects if you decided to start one? I’d love to know! I’ve made a big effort to make sure I keep mine up to date and this wonderful app has kept me on track, and now it’s a month in, it’s lovely to see my January in pictures:


My January in my Photo365 Calendar

Of course, I have kept this totally separate from the hundreds of pictures I have taken in my studio this month; my calendar ones are purely pictures I have taken on my IPhone or IPad each day to record something to remember the day by.  Some days this has proved more tricky than t’others!  As January has been so busy and the weather has not been brilliant, I haven’t ventured far, other than to the studio and my computer. 

Loads of inspiration of course when I do travel out a bit.  I was spoilt for choice for which picture to choose on the days I went to Brighton and London, and also on a trip even closer to home to Eastleigh.  That was a very rainy day (there’s a surprise!) – January 15th to be precise, as shown on my Photo365 calendar –  and I was quite taken by how quiet the town was, eerie indeed.

This is the picture I decided on for that day:


Eastleigh in the rain

I absolutely love Brighton and there are heaps of wonderful scenes to photograph there, needless to say. I opted for this shot though, as I loved the combination and colours of the old red phone boxes with the wheel, minus its carriages (for winter I guess), in the background.


I do like to be beside the seaside (in the winter!)

On the days where I was limited to just the home and studio environment, I had to think a bit harder to find a subject for my daily pic. I found myself looking at objects in our home and garden at various different angles and in more obscure ways, so I could get  more interesting pictures from what might otherwise be rather ordinary things to photograph.  I also made good use of the Kaleidoscope and Tunnel functions on my Ipad phone as I just love the patterns they produce (maybe a little too much! Blame it on my artistic mind, but I did try and limit them!!)  This is one of the kaleidoscope pics I took of a metal ornament on our kitchen wall:


An arty moment!

Then there was the day our garden fence blew down, back and sides – oh yes, I have the pic to prove it on Day 20:


Yes our garden could do with a bit of a makeover!!

Our very messy garden!!

So to sum up, I am thoroughly enjoying taking my photo of the day and adding it to my Photo 365 Day calendar! You’d never have guessed, would you!! Yes, some days it has been tougher than others to be inspired, but that’s all part of the challenge, and I’m actually loving having to think outside the box and come up with new and fresh ideas.

And another bonus of the project is having a keepsake diary of images, which otherwise would become just a dim and distant memory.

It will also be cool to take pictures of similar views to highlight how different the landscapes look as the seasons change.

So February calendar here we come!!!









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