Great apps for Smartphone camera projects!

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Hooray!!  Finally. I’ve actually made a start. And with all good intentions to see it through.

Yes, something I’ve been meaning to do for ages is a 365 day photography project – you know, take a picture every day for a year (which may sound a bit daft for me considering that I take ooodles of pictures every day anyway!)

However, this of course is about taking different types of pictures; stretching the imagination to it’s limits, thinking outside the box, being as creative and original as possible, and coming up with a new and inspiring idea everyday. Then taking the picture using one of the camera apps on the Iphone or Ipad, which is always to hand.

I started my 365 Day Project on New Year’s Day. Obviously you’re always enthusiastic about these things at first, especially during a holiday when there is much more time available than usual! So first hurdle to overcome. The motivation needed to keep it going now life is getting back to normal after the holiday.

Well, I found a very useful App for the Iphone/Ipad which I think will be a great help to me. (There are lots of similar ones for other Smartphones too).  You can either take a picture from within the app and it goes in instantly to the right date, or upload from your camera roll, which is what I prefer to do personally, as I like to take a few different shots and then choose my favourite, and maybe do a little editing on it first. Because you see your photos in a calendar format, you can see how you’re doing with your project at a glance, which I reckon is great motivation to keep it up – because wouldn’t it be a shame to see some of the dates left blank?

But life is life, and things take over,so I’ve set a daily reminder in my phone, just in case it slips my mind. So if you happen to be in the studio at 3.30pm anytime and you hear my mobile bleep, you know why.

Second challenge. Inspiration. Some folk base their 365 day projects on a theme, like this article suggests

I decided against a theme along those lines for this year, and have just chosen to photograph something relevant to each particular day, so at the end of the year I’ll have a picture diary relating to things we’ve done/seen each day. Which actually hasn’t been a lot outdoors yet, as there hasn’t been much opportunity to get outside what with the dreadful weather, so I have had to find all my inspiration indoors so far, even taking pictures of what’s on the TV (as long as it’s a programme I’m enjoying!).

If you’ve got an Ipad you’re no doubt familiar with the Photo Booth App, and it’s unusual effects. I’m sure you’ll either love ’em or hate them!  I am in the former category 🙂 I’ve made good use of the Kaleidoscope effect camera so far for my project, maybe a little too much, but I just love the patterns created by what might otherwise be a rather dull object, and as we haven’t been able to get outside much, I found this a great way to start. It does mean I have a lot of patterns in the first few days of the calendar (which Lee find amusing as they don’t do much for him, but hey, art is subjective!).

Another plus with Photo365 is you can add a caption to your photo, just in case I forget where I was, or what the Kaleidoscope pattern was all about in years to come (some of them are a bit abstract!)

By the way, on the subject of Photo Editing Apps, my absolute favourite is Snapseed. Which is free.

Naturally as this is a personal project, I am keeping everything I photograph in the studio completely separate, although it’s a great experience to push myself to higher limits, which can only be beneficial in my work to ensure I am even more creative with all my photography, no matter who or whatever I am photographing and for what purpose.

Managed to keep it going so far, but then again it is only 6 days in 😉  Ahem. Watch this space. Reminds me, I’m just about to take today’s … now let me see …

Here’s my first five day’s pictures in my 365 project.  If you do start one or have already, I would love to see it!


New Year’s Day Celebration in Kaleidoscope



Poinsetta Pattern



Night before decorations came down (taken through bannister at top of stairs) Kaleidoscope



Decorations ready to go back in loft (Woohoo NOT Kaleidoscope!)



New series of Dancing on Ice




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