News in a Nutshell …. and a very Happy New Year!

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So here we are. 2013 is virtually at an end (where did that disappear to?) and the anticipation/excitement/expectation/hope of another New Year is on the horizon.

As usual, the last few months of the year have passed by in a whirl: shoots, editing, ordering, not to mention personal stuff like making the home look wonderfully festive and contemplating what on earth to get by way of amazing presents for friends and family.  Especially our grown up sons. If you have grown up sons, you will probably know exactly what I mean. Very tricky to buy for.

Suffice to say it all came right by the “big day” as it usually does, and we had a wonderful time with the family at my sister and brother-in-law’s place.  Hope yours was great too.


My sister’s wonderful Christmas table

Mind you, the chaotic run up to December 25th meant precious little time for writing blog posts and the like, even though there was more to say than usual, just no time to say it!  Hence the nutshell bit …

As well as loads of extra studio shoots (I squeezed in as many as physically possible bearing in mind the time needed to allow to get everything edited, ordered and back in time), Lee and I also had the joy of photographing two beautiful weddings in November.  Unique in their own ways. Winter weddings are lovely to do; OK, the weather can be a bit dodgy (but it can be in the summer too), but there’s a lot to be said for romantic log fires and colourful Christmas trees and decorations.  Quite magical.

ImageImageOn the day after Boxing Day, during our Christmas break, we had the amazing opportunity to take the wedding pictures for another lovely couple. Despite the heavy wind and rain before and after, the day itself was quite glorious! Blue skies and sun shining. So we were able to get fabulous pictures both outside and in. Incredible luck!

ImageImageThe end of November was my annual “weekend away with the girls”.  This year we headed off to Norwich, never been there before – what a wonderful city!  We crammed in loads – the stunning castle and beautiful cathedral; fascinating museums; more shops than you could ever wish for (even for me), and such a tempting array of places to eat.  Needless to say we had a brilliant time!  If you’ve not been to Norwich – I highly recommend a visit!


The beauty of Norwich Cathedral

Well, Lee and I are now enjoying a lovely, relaxing Christmas holiday, although I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things on Thursday. This afternoon we’re heading off to see Robinson Crusoe at the Mayflower Theatre so we’re ready to do our audience participation bit of booing and hissing, oh yes we are (sorry, couldn’t resist that ….)

Just remains for me to wish you all a fabulous, happy, healthy and peaceful New Year!

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