Whoosh!!! Was that September flying by?

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Is it just me or has September disappeared in the blink of an eye?  One minute it was August and the next it’s virtually October!! 

Well the month has been amazingly hectic, mainly with studio shoots, so I guess that’s made the time whizz by; I’ve also gotten a whole lot of new software with loads of rather cool effects, which I have been experimenting with to my heart’s delight to see which ones really bring about the wow factor to my pictures. This has been great fun and you seem to be loving them so far (thank goodness!)  Even though I’ve spent a fair few hours at the computer tweaking and seeing what works well and what doesn’t, now I think I have it sussed and so it’s been well worth it.  Art of course is very subjective and I know that some of the effects won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, so, as many of you will know, I always include your pictures in normal colour in your portfolios as well as any artistic versions so you can compare and decide which you like best 🙂

As well as getting up and running on the new software, I have found some great new products to add to the wall display range, including acrylic glass and brushed aluminium items, which can also be CIRCULAR – thought that would “ring” (ouch, excuse the pun!!) the changes a bit.  Once the samples arrive I’ll post some pictures of them to see what you think.

Now with bookings coming in thick and fast for the next few months before Christmas, the new software will (hopefully!) speed up my workflow considerably (now I’ve got to grips with it) which is especially important at this time of year when we are all working towards that same deadline which comes round oh so quick! I expect I don’t need to point that out 😉

Anyway, here’s some of my recent studio pics with the new artistic effects I mentioned….and these will be alongside the normal colour, as well as black and white, sepia fades and more – something for everyone, I hope!










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