Puppets, Sausages and erm … Oil Painting ?

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Yep – we were at the Romsey Festival today – hands up if you were too! It was great ambling round in the sunshine, browsing at all the stalls and munching a rather large, but very tasty, Bratwurst for lunch! Yum!!


 Took a few shots (no surprise there then!!) 

Also this weekend discovered some amazing new software which has some brilliant features – as you can see from the above I’ve been dabbling with the oil painting effect – which I absolutely love but I expect there will be lots who don’t!!  Art sure is very subjective.  Oil painting effects aside, it has some great tools for picture editing too which will help with my workflow considerably – yippee!



Those of you who have been to the studio have probably met my little assistant “Mr Parrot” 🙂 who is a big hit with most (!) children and I have been asked lots of times where he came from. Sadly the shop where we bought ours no longer exists, however we spotted his baby brother today at the Festival on this lovely puppet stall and you can buy online from them at http://www.acaciawildlifepuppets.com

We couldn’t resist Mr Giraffe to add  to our studio collection!


Ah cute!


Puppets galore


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