Pre-wedding checklist …

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Really looking forward to photographing Kirsty and Ashley’s wedding this weekend and we’re heading off first thing so, as with all weddings, nothing is left to chance …

Supply of memory cards, all reformatted   TICK

All camera batteries charged   TICK

Lenses/sensors cleaned  TICK

Quantum Turbo charged  TICK

Reformatted memory cards in both main and backup cameras TICK

New batteries in speedlights   TICK

Various chargers and loads of spare batteries for speedlights all packed and ready to go   TICK

Wedding schedule and list checked / extra copies printed     TICK

Ample supplies of Factor 50 (think we’re gonna need it!)    TICKImageNow time for a cuppa and a good night’s kip – it’s not only the cameras that need their batteries recharging!




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