First Night at the Proms

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Yes it’s prom week and Tuesday night was our first of the year.

Our evening generally starts an hour or two before the first arrivals so we can set up our portable backdrop and lights, take a few test shots and make sure everything is hunkey dorey before the busy night ahead. Our equipment sure is put through its paces at proms, so we always take spare lights, batteries etc – just in case!


Portable studio ready and waiting!


Once satisfied the portable studio is good to go, we take a few shots of the table settings and decor etc, before heading outside to do the arrival shots.

ImageImageTaking the arrival shots can be quite challenging, not least if it’s pouring with rain!

Limos, buses, fire engines, motorbikes, vintage cars, ice cream vans, lorries, horses, even the odd helicopter (yes, really!) – the students certainly arrive in style! With larger proms, the arrival shots can take some time, and often it is quite chaotic to say the least!

Sometimes we then take shots in the grounds, weather permitting, before the meal, or at the tables, or both!


Dinner is served!

After the meal, the fun really begins … the students come to the backdrop in their droves and Lee and I both click away continually.  It’s quite tough making ourselves heard above the disco music, so I’ve got a dab hand at “sign language” over the years!!

By the end of the evening we will have taken in the region of 1500 images between us.

By about 10.30 or 11 we can start dismantling everything, ready to load into the car for the next one.

Then it’s Home James, and download/backup the pictures so I can start the edit the following morning.  It usually takes me a couple of days with so many images to go through, and more proms to do in the meantime.

I won’t pretend proms are not very exhausting to photograph (phew!), but it is lovely to share in such a special evening for the students, and help to create some memories for them that they can treasure as they move on to the next stage of their lives.

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