Mottisfont – wow – stunning!

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What a fantastic opportunity to do a post-wedding shoot on Tuesday at Mottisfont.  It holds a very special place in the hearts of the lovely bride and groom (whose wedding we photographed at Silks in Romsey last weekend).  They met there, and they both work there too, so what better place to take them to be photographed.  Of course, their knowledge about the history of Mottisfont is extensive.  So, as well as a beautiful place to take pictures – oh, we were so spoilt for choice – we were also treated to lots of fascinating facts about who has lived there and what they got up to as we meandered around the grounds and house.

Have to say, as photoshoots go, this one has to be up there as one of my favourites!  Even though we live relatively near, shame on us, we’ve only ever visited once before, years and years ago, so it was a real treat and somewhere we shall definitely we visiting again soon.

My favourite room had to be the Whistler room, with it’s incredible trompe l’oeil walls – and a fascinating story behind them!

Definitely worth a visit !






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