Sunshine and Pink Wellies!

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Had a brilliant pre-wedding get-together today in Winslow, wandering round the venues in the glorious sunshine with the bride and groom-to-be.   Of course we had the cameras to hand!

The reception is taking place at a family farm and to say we were overwhelmed by it would be an understatement – a photographer’s dream!  The views are quite frankly breathtaking, and we were also introduced to the horses, sheep, dogs, some adorable 9 week old pups (awwww) and the fascinating Alpaca (who are prone to spitting if you upset them apparently so we stood well back just in case!). They all posed beautifully for us! As did the cows in a neighbouring field, along with a rather large bull.

It was an absolute joy to photograph in such a scenic place – so looking forward to taking the wedding pics there later in the summer.  Hopefully, the bride won’t be needing her pink wellies on her big day (mmmmm, maybe for some quirky and fun shots as the day goes on…bet they’d go well with her dress!)Bride and Groom to be


Bride and Groom to be


CowsDogBullHorseBride and Groom

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