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OK, it’s maybe a little late to be talking about my Christmas pressies in February, but now I’ve had a good chance to get out and use it, just wanted to say I’m over the moon with my teeny weeny Sony Cybershot 10x camera which Lee gave me for Christmas!

Obviously I’ve got a bit spoilt using SLRs all the time for work, and of course I ADORE my Nikons; but SLRs are very cumbersome (and really heavy!!), to just pop in my bag and take out for a day when I’m not on the job, so to speak!

Being so passionate about photography, I always love having a camera with me, and the one on my phone, although not bad, didn’t quite cut it (got too used to the SLRs!!)

Little did I know that Lee was very carefully researching several compact cameras in the leadup to Christmas to find one that he knew would tick all the boxes for me.

And I reckon he did a great job!

It was a total (but fantastic) surprise then Christmas morning to unwrap this small parcel – which I’d suspected as being my favourite perfume – to discover this Sony Cybershot camera inside! I was NOT disappointed (but the perfume for my birthday maybe??)

Of course on Christmas Day I was clicking away all day on it, taking numerous pictures of the family; and making great use of the video function too! And another big plus, it takes panoramics effortlessly! It made such a nice change not to arrive at my sisters for Xmas lunch laden with all the presents as well as a huge SLR in tow, as is generally the norm at family get togethers (and most other social occasions!) And didn’t have to spend all day worrying about anyone tripping over/spilling their drink on/treading on etc my precious Nikon!

So now, it’s always there in my bag so I can whip it out whenever a picture opportunity arises!

The biggest plus for me, is that there is virtually no delay when you click the shutter (although slightly longer with the flash), crucial especially when taking pictures of young children who don’t stay still for longer than a second!

Oh and great quality pictures too!

This is what it looks like…. and highly recommended!Image

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